Smith Micro Wants You To Go Stuffit

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In 1983, William W. Smith, Jr. set up his Smith Micro Software, Inc. headquarters in Aliso Viejo, California. Few expected that in 25 years time his software solutions and services would dominate OEM. His mobile connection manager technology repeated history. Then his image editing made it big. After that his 4G wireless protocol broadband was a success.

Smith Micro products are sought after by companies, manufacturers and consumers alike. The range of products they make is huge. Just look at the list:

Connectivity and Security

  • QuickLink Mobile
  • QuickLink Mobility

Server and Device Management

  • QuickLink Mobility Server
  • QuickLink Mobile Server
  • insignia
  • StuffIt Wireless
  • WirelessBackup

Mobile Convergence and Mobile Connection Management

  • QuickLink Voice
  • QuickLink Messenger
  • QuickLink PhoneSync
  • voicesms
  • pushtotalk
  • visual voicemail


  • QuickLink Media

Graphics and Utilities

  • Poser
  • Poser Pro
  • Manga Studio Debut
  • Manga Studio EX
  • Anime Studio Debut
  • Anime Studio Pro
  • Groboto
  • Pixelmator
  • Artrage Deluxe
  • Morpheus Photo Animation Suite
  • Rapidweaver
  • Stuffit Deluxe 2010 Mac
  • Stuffit Deluxe 2010 Windows
  • OrgChart
  • QuickVErse
  • TurboProject
  • FaxSTF Pro
  • CheckIt Diagnostics
  • MediaRecover
  • Spring Cleaning

That’s not all of them, that’s just the tip of an iceberg.

Smith Micro is now marketing Stuffit Deluxe 2010 as the ultimate compression and archive management solution. Mighty big words, but you be the judge of their accuracy. Stuffit can execute compression and expansion, e-mail attachment management, back-up and security, and even create self-extracting files.

$79.99 for this program with $29.99 for upgrades is a value that end users should consider. The ability to compress and expand, send and transfer, backup and protect, archive and encrypt, and integrate and simplify has only been done using multiple programs previous to Stuffit.

What’s next? Read the papers. More breakthrough technology is being released.

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