Skin Care Starts With Common Sense

The best acne treatment begins with common sense. Anyone experiencing skin problems should be careful to cleanse his face or any other affected area thoroughly and carefully followed by alcohol or astringent. He or she should also wash hair daily to avoid the complications of oily hair. He should monitor diet and avoid greasy and acidic foods. If those things don’t help, the next step is to try some over the counter products. Of course, the last step is discussing the problem with a physician who can make better recommendations and even prescribe either of both topical preparations and drugs.

2 thoughts on “Skin Care Starts With Common Sense

  1. My teenage daughter is starting to break out and I keep on her to keep her hands aways from her face. I have her use Clerasel face wash followed by a dab of alcohol with acotton ball to the areas. Have a great day Pat!

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