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Recently I found myself shopping in a super supermarket. I have been shopping the traditional way most of my life. I pick up what I need, bring it to the front register, have the girl/guy ring up my order, and then pay for it. This super supermarket does things differently.

When I walked into the store, I had to get a barcode scanner. Then as I got what I wanted, I had to scan each item before putting it into my cart. When finished I went to the checkout and handed the girl/guy the barcode scanner. Technology applied like magic, I was told what I owed and paid it and left the store with my groceries and any other purchases. Neat, quick, and efficient.

12 thoughts on “Shopping With Technology

  1. Katrina,

    Got all the way across safely–blog on the trip up.  Got to the store wigh a Closedsign up but the woman opened her doors for us for ten minutes.  People in small places out West are more accommodating.  Are you from Texas?  

  2. Wow, sounds very neat! I’ve never been to a store with that technology.

    Hopefully you made it halfway across America with no complications. Were you able to shop for jewelry beads before the store closed?

    I took my own mini roadtrip too; 5 hours to Dallas from Houston 😛

  3. Lori,

    What bothers me about the gtedchnoloy is that no one questions.  I was rung up at Walmart.  They overcharged me a dollar and didn’t know how to correct the error.  It took them i5 minutes and they were cluelss like whagt is he big fuss.


  4. I would give anything if our grocery stores had this system! I would know exactly what my bill was before I gto up to the cashier.

  5. As the wife of a union man who worked in the grocery field for 45 years, I kind-of have a problem with these new technologies (just my opinion). It takes jobs away from humans — you need less cashiers when they don’t have to scan the items, so people lose jobs, so sad. I wont even use the self-scanners that they have in our local stores around here, with the unemployment in our area ranging from 10-14%, I wont add to it by taking jobs away from anyone.
    Again, just my opinion, glad you had fun with it though….. 🙂

  6. I guess things like this probably save the stores money because of less human labor involved and we can only hope the savings are passed on to the customer. It makes me think of the self-checkouts at Walmart, though. I’ve seen online posts asking people not to use them because they put real people out of work.

  7. Melissa,

    Good question.  If not I would just put unwanted items together and tell the cashier to remove them.


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