Sea World, Orlando, Florida

Sea World, Orlando, Florida

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Bright sunshine coupled with some breeze made it a good day for a visit to Sea World in Orlando. Paying $12.00 to park seemed excessive when one day park admission is $74.95. We did not take the easy access option. We saw the lines were short.

Our party made a beeline to Shamu Stadium as we wanted good seats for Believe. The show was fantastic as was Blue Horizons with its dolphins, birds, and performers which we saw later in the afternoon. Laughs, splashes, and lots of aah moments in both of them made them the best park attractions.

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We had lunch at Voyagers Smokehouse. I am sorry to say that I cannot recommend the place. Not only was the help abrupt and less than helpful, but the menu was impossible for anyone with special dietary needs. Because of my stomach surgery, my foods are restricted–no breads or fried food including fries. I asked about substitutions and was told, “No, but you can purchase sides”. Then when I couldn’t finish the BBQ meat, I asked a server for a to go container or foil for my leftovers. Note: I had paid for them in full, no discount. I got the response, “No, we are not allowed to.” I felt like the restaurant was a money pit. For the record, the food portions and flavor was MEDIOCRE at best. I was glad that our party had not added the meal plan which with park closing at 6:00 seemed a trifle pricey.

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We stopped at the stables to see the Anheiser Busch horses. The Clydesdales were beautiful, big, strong, powerful. Hubby guided me past the pearl divers searching for oysters. He is a practical man who knows I don’t like much costume jewelry. Ergo, he saved beaucoup bucks.

We went past the sea carousel and other kiddie rides. They looked cute for young children. It was adult rides for us. The new one Manta is a mega coaster that dives deep and flies high. When the cars from the ride before ours got stuck, we had to wait but it was well worth the time. Next came Kracken, a monster coaster born from tales that struck terror for centuries in sailors. Last was Journey to Atlantis, a thrilling water flume ride that explores the lost city of Atlantis.

We bypassed the Sky Tower because the park had already begun to close exhibits even though it was only a little after 5:00 and there was still so much to see.

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The opportunity to watch mammals, reptiles, and fish was a once in a life experience. We breezed through many of the exhibits to see first hand sharks, whales, dolphins, penguins, alligators, and manatees. The dolphin nursery was great. Mothers with their six month old offspring were just feet away. Stingray swam in the underwater viewing center. The top of their underbellies was much like a caricature of a comic man. The turtles and pelicans in the pond remained so still that , at first glance, I thought they were carved decorations. Silly me, at first I thought the aquarium seahorses were sticks. How unobservant!

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