Saving Grace Season Three Preview

saving grace season 3 cast

Recently I was invited to preview the opening episodes of the Third Season of the TNT series Saving Grace. When I discovered the storyline would involve angels, dreams, and visions I thought it would be a knockoff to sentimental favorites Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel, two series which focused on changing people. I was dead wrong–consider my comment as a play on words. Saving Grace is a police drama. Its focus is brutal crimes.

Grace Hanadarko (Holly Hunter) leads a cast including angel Earl ( Leon Rippy), partner Ham Dewey (Kenneth Johnson), criminalist Rhetta Rodriguez (Laura San Giacomo), fellow detectives Bobby Stillwater ( Gregory Cruz) and Butch Alda ( Bailey Chase), Captain Perry (Lorraine Toussaint), and nephew Clay (Dylan Minnette).

In this season’s first episode, What Would You Do?, Grace works foils a terrorist plot. She also finds another woman who sees angels but cannot take her out of harm’s way. In the second episode, “I Believe in Angels”, Grace solves a rape/theft/murder. As her own angel Earl vies with another angel Matthew cryptically talking about 4,000 years of competition, Grace, a proud soul, is tempted to change. She doesn’t, and the conclusion is that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Check Saving Grace out on TNT at 10:00 P. M. EST Tuesday nights. It’s pitted against CSI Miami, Here Come the Newlyweds, and Dateline NBC on primetime. That’s a tough slot to be in.

Here’s a peek behind the scenes of Saving Grace.

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