Saturday Morning Cartoons 1970s Volume 2 DVD Review

warner bros saturday morning cartoons 1970s volume 2

Available on DVD:? October 27, 2009

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I remember Cousin Brucie on the radio screaming out, “A Blast from the Past”. Well, that certainly is exactly what Warner Brothers Presents Saturday Morning Cartoons, 1970’s, Volume 2 is. Twelve different shows from the era with 352 minutes running time have been included on its DVD two disk set to be released October 27, 2009. MSRP is $26.99.

Here is the list of the included episodes:

Disc 1

  • Help! It’s the Hair Bear Bunch: Keep Your Keeper
  • New Adventures of Gilligan: Off Limits
  • Sea Lab 2020: Deep Threat
  • Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan: The Mardi Gras Caper (Episode 12)
  • Shazzan: The Living Island / Master of the Thieves
  • Yogi’s Gang: Mr. Bigot

Disc 2

  • Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour: For Scent-Imental Reasons/Stop, Look and Hasten, Hare-Way to the Stars/Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
  • Valley of the Dinosaurs: Forbidden Fruit
  • Tom and Jerry/Grape Ape (HB): Show #1 – No Way Stowaway / That Was No Idol, That Was My Ape / The Ski Bunny / The All American Ape / Stay Awake Or Else
  • Banana Splits Adventure Hour: Joning the Knights/The littlest Musketeer/”Danger Island”
  • Inch High Private Eye: Diamonds are a Crook’s Best Friend
  • New Adventures of Batman and Robin: Sweet Joke on Gotham City

I waited impatiently to see Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan. You see I am a big Earl Derr Biggers fan. Growing up, I read several of his novels and faithfully watched the movies made from them that played on the Early, Early Show, the Early Show, the Late Show and the Late, Later Show. I wanted to see how animation would treat a model minority hero. I was pleased that Charlie remains a positive character, honorable and benevolent. It was a great choice to have Keye Luke who played his son in many of the four dozen original films do the voice over.

Plus the Saturday Morning Wake-Up Calls introduction is a show in itself. I enjoyed it as much as some of the cartoons. It set the stage for my looking back over the years. Finishing up with The Power of Shazzan special feature is a stroke of genius. Its influence on other cartoons can only be described as ground-breaking.

Restoration of the shows is somewhat uneven so the viewing picture does not equal the broadcast quality of more modern ones. Me, I’m not trying to relive old times. Still it is nice to be able to go back and remember when. Memories are what it is all about.

It is interesting that the cover jacket noted as follows: Saturday Morning Cartoons – The 19703 Vol. 2 is Intended for the Adult Collector and is Not Suitable for Children. That disclaimer did not surprise me. Today’s youth simply does not identify with yesterday’s values and behavior. They don’t understand what happened in anything other than their own lifetime. They live in the present and past ages are as remote as ancient civilizations.

here’s a look at Valley of the Dinosaurs Clip From the DVD: ?Such Luck?

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  1. Saturday morning cartoons were a staple of childhood for many of us.
    P.S. My husband speaks fondly of Cousin Brucie!

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