Review of Senseo Coffee Machine HD7810/65

philips senseo hd7810/65

Since I am the only one in the house who drinks any coffee, I was thrilled when I was given my own single server pot. Now before I tell you anything else, I must tell you that I am the most technologically impaired person I know. When others use remotes, I still get up to change the channel. Who else but me would call my husband to find out how to turn on the television?

All that aside, I patiently waited for hubby to come home to open the box, plug my personal coffee pot, and tell me how to use it. He meticulously–so there would be no doubt or confusion (wanna bet?)–had me watch him him fill the water reservoir with eight ounces of water, put in the two cup basket, and press the buttons. One minor detail though, he forgot to place a cup under the spout. He claimed foul as I cleaned up his mess.

Now it was my turn to try. So I did. I took out my packet of Splenda, some International flavored creamer, a coffee cup and made a cup on my own. Nothing came out. Oops, I had forgotten to fill the reservoir! ?Back to the kitchen sink. (Hmm, I really need a new sink and faucet….) H20 in place, I pushed the button. Only clear liquid steamed out. I suppose putting a coffee pod in the machine would make stronger coffee. Therefore, I repeated the procedure again adding this one small detail.

Not leaving well enough alone, my husband asked me to review it. So I asked him how much, this appliance cost. A bit tacky of me but how could I judge it without knowing how much it marketed for? After much hemming and hawing, he answered, ?Base price about $70?. Base price…I suppose he thought this was like shopping for a car.

All kidding aside, using the machine was easy enough, convenient, and the coffee aroma was great. It tasted OK too. I couldn?t use my favorite cup though (spout too low). ?I couldn?t use my fresh gourmet whole beans either. There is no setup for real coffee drinkers who grind their own coffee beans to their own preference and strength. ?I know that another brand does have a removable filler basket, but it does cost twice as much.

The paperwork with the pot shows two other models. Maybe one of them has the option for non-caffeine drinkers. ?The order form for coffee pods lists coffee and tea, no bouillon or cocoa.

But the ambiance of the kitchen still needed something. Lucky the shiny new black pot matched my other kitchen appliances. Eureka! That?s when I sent hubby to the local building supply for a shiny new extra-depth stainless steel sink and modern spicket with a hose in it. Now I no longer need a new sink and faucet.

You can learn more about the different Senseo coffee machines on the Senseo website,

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  1. I love this idea! I have the same problem in my house…the only one that drinks coffee and I NEVER want to make a whole pot because I will be tempted to drink it!

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