Renew And Preserve Your Memories With Video Transfer

vhs tape

It is getting harder and harder to find a good machine that plays VHS tapes . Replacing them all, especially my children’s classics, would be expensive if possible at all. Many of them are no longer being released. There was a video rental store in a local strip mall for years. The man who ran it fixed recorders reasonable and well. He was a true pro. Then he retired because overhead had risen sky high and cheap foreign manufacturing had made hardware disposable. It was cheaper to buy new than repair.

Faced with this situation, I asked hubby to invest in some do-it-yourself (actually himself) equipment to transfer photos to CD. With the right equipment, he could do it himself. Why not take what we have and invest in upgrading. With some negative scanning, slide scanning, and photo scanning, old worlds could be kept alive on CD, DVD, etc.

About then Hubby reminded me #1 of the fact that he does work for a living; #2 of the fact that he is currently remodeling our kitchen; and #3 of the fact that it would be far easier and cheaper with time in the equation to outsource–his way of suggesting we look into photo scanning services. Why not ScanDigital?

Video transfer seems to be the way to go. What better way to preserve, relive, and archive old photos and VHS for posterity? It takes less space too.

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