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Disney Vacation Club announced a breakthrough in the charging accounts for weekend reservations. Starting next year the number of points will drop. Now do you really believe what you are being told?

Yes, indeedie, drop for Saturday and Sunday reservations drop they do. What they fail to notify the public about is this: DVC will be taking more for every weekday–often the least booked days–to balance out this accounting. To the timeshare owner–whoops I mean leasee–whoops again I mean vacation club member nothing has changed if you reserve for a week. Count up what it cost before at your home resort for 2009 for seven days straight then compare it to previous years. Take a look at 2010 numbers as well. Show me how this good for anyone except Disney. Could this be an advertising ploy?

I bet the same legal board of directors that made it illegal for DVC’ers to smoke in the buildings they had bought rights and failed to notify these people of the matter coming up for a vote at a meeting plotted out this.

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  1. Dear Carol,

         Most people can’t afford a movie in today’s economy much less a trip to WDW.  I was told by employees almost two years ago that it was hurting them.  Places like Universal are so much more friendly to the ppocketbook.  They are more handicapped friendly as well.  

          I cut a lot from my discretionary Disney spending over the years.  NowI take a water bottle into the parks when I go, some packets for one to add into the water which is free at fountains; a piece of fruit, apple or orange usually; a bag of snacks or cookies.  I’ve been doing that for years.  When my guys were little, they carried small backpacks.  Hubby and I saved lots of money and they never complained.  We always let them choose one big treat/souvenoir which looked for and got the last day.  

         We started the day with a fast beakfast–cereal and milk.  We had a small refrigerator for cold cuts for sandwiches at lunch.  We dined out usually and put leftovers in it for evening snacks ot whatever.  We usually broke around noon, the hottest time of the day, for a swim.  Some of my best memories are family times there’ others not so.



  2. Disney has gotten so greedy, it reallt taints a lot of what they are supposed to be about, which is family fun. What family can afford to go there with daily tickets so high??

  3. My philosophy is that I open my purse in keeping with the aminities I get.  If Disney is cheap, then so am I.  If it wants to cut more out of my wallet, I’ll balance the budget by spending elsewhere.  I love Joe’s Crab Shack just off property–I enjoy eating there just as much as most on property restaurants.  I enjoy shopping at the Premier Outlets–souvenoirs do not have dto be stamped with a Disney logo.  Disney is trying to win all the battles and the war as well.  Me, I’m just a retiree on a fixed income dooing my best to get along.  I notice there are not as many people in their parks and restaurants.  Perhaps they supersaturated the market they dominate.

  4. While it may not seem correct to do what they have done, one must realize that Disney is there for themself. They look at what people like us do, and see that a good percentage of DVC’rs leave the DVC properties on Friday, and return on Sunday. Disney is only trying to keep the people in their properties, as empty rooms, and villas are not revenue generating. Granted… They could leave the rooms, and villas empty 364 days a year, and they still got their money out of us.
    I personally think Disney was a bit off when they did this also, but I am sure that someone somewhere has said “if you don’t like it, then get out.”

  5. I don’t smoky any more and you know I’m not preachy but I do think the smokers got a bit of a bad deal here. They were allowed to smoke when they bought the time share and maybe not smoking might have made them make a different decision.

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