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Back in 1966, I snapped a picture of my firstborn lying barebottom on a rug. I was young then and lived in an age of relative innocence. Over the years times changed, in my opinion, not for the better. Dysfunctional families, a drug culture, and loss of heroes are some of the things Americans face everyday. Where will the next danger lurk?

Just a couple of months ago, I blogged about that baby and included a snapshot taken long ago with love. I had always thought of myself as a decent, hardworking, loving, attentive parent. Now Raising The Bar‘s “No Child’s Left Behind” leaves me second guessing. Posting anything on the web can open the door to legal problems.

What if some pervert out there had taken the picture from my personal web page? What if some sicko with whom I had never had any contact, posted it on a porn site? What if, because of this, I was accused of being a child sex offender? I clearly identify with the father arrested for an innocent picture of his son in the bathtub being sold on the internet. I believe his not knowing of it, his shock, and his refusal to plea to being a pedophile.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar appears as defense attorney Jerry Kellerman; J. August Richards appears as Marcus McGrath, his worthy opponent. Jury selection, relevant vs. non-relevant evidence, a non-amicable divorced wife, modern technology issues–all are part of the case. The father has no remorse. He feels exploited with his whole family the victim. His response is, “Why not go after and charge the predator?” A really good question….

The outcome of the case, a split jury unable to render a unanimous verdict, leaves the defendant in limbo. The cost of a retrial or a settlement both weigh heavy. I know parenting is complicated and depends on judgment call decisions. It is what protects children. If you sat on the jury, would you judge the father guilty or acquit him?

For those of you who have a computer and use the web, please tune in TNT and watch this show Monday, June 29, at 10 P. M. EST. It will make you more aware if nothing else of the pitfalls of online communication. For those of you who don’t, tune in anyway.

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  1. Between this, and a few news stories after it, I made my personal blog “private” with restricted access. It is a scary world sometimes…..

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