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The folks at KMR Communications shared some information with me on a new fitness program you can practice at home – Pulse Yoga.

pulse yoga

Pulse Yoga is a combination of yoga flow, Pilates, core fusion and weight training, created to be an easy, quick, and fun way to incorporate multiple fitness disciplines into your everyday workout.

Pulse Yoga was created by Argie Tang and Prisca Boris, both accomplished yoga practitioners. It is available four different DVDs, each offering a different twist on traditional yoga workouts. Pulse Yoga I: Basic, Pulse Yoga II: Balance & Tone, Pulse Yoga III: Stamina & Strength, and Pulse Yoga Express. Each DVD features challenging and fun workouts ranging from 1 hour to 30 minutes in length.

How Does Pulse Yoga Compare to Traditional Exercise Routines?

Heart-pumping, cardiovascular exercise has not often been linked to yoga, due to its gentle, slower approach to fitness. For this reason, many people doubt the effectiveness of yoga as a main form of exercise. According to Prisca Boris, co-founder of Pulse Yoga, ?the combination of free weights and micro movements in yoga create a more intense, full-body workout. It strengthens and tones key areas such as the abs, lower back, upper arms, and glutes, all while teaching core awareness.?

In an eight-week study conducted by Dr. Paul Arciero Head of Exercise Physiology at Skidmore College, participants who practiced Pulse Yoga three times a week, for 60-75 minutes a day, experienced positive results in the form of decreased body weight, hip/waist circumference, and cholesterol. The study also found Pulse Yoga to be as effective as functional training when it comes to total body fat loss, and aerobic fitness levels.

According to Dr. Arciero, ?Pulse Yoga is a scientifically proven fitness concept that provides numerous benefits to one?s health. After the conclusion of my eight-week study, I had many participants ask to continue the program on their own, because of their fantastic results and experience.?

What Makes Pulse Yoga Different?

?Pulse Yoga is a new concept that adds the elements of toning and strengthening the muscles, targeting specific trouble spots, and defining the arms and glutes,? says Argie, ?I wanted to create one, great routine that is light and fun.? Pulse Yoga is Argie?s new way of looking at postures, and adding new dimension to yoga for fitness.

?Through the four different DVDs, which are all on the same skill level and difficulty, you can choose to mix and match your routines, depending on which workouts you like best,? says Argie, ?it is perfect for people who want to build bone density, create firm, sculpted arms, toned buttocks, and a flat stomach without having to go to the gym.?

Who Can Benefit from Pulse Yoga?

Prisca notes that Pulse Yoga is great for anyone who is interested in increasing their strength and wants to improve their overall bone density and health. Argie and Prisca have introduced Pulse Yoga to everyone from professional athletes to young adults, noting each group gains something different and important from the class. ?For athletes, Pulse Yoga can help lessen recovery time and improve performance. Young adults enjoy the class because they learn about their own bodies and understanding balance,? says Prisca, ?women of all ages, especially those who are older and concerned about their bone health, are perfect candidates for the system since it incorporates weight training in a gentle way.?

About Pulse Yoga

Pulse Yoga is a result of Yoga Instructor Argie Tang?s personal quest to find yoga routines that accomplish much more than other yoga styles. After being diagnosed with osteopenia, Argie began incorporating weight training into her yoga practice, in an effort to add more toning, strengthening, and muscle definition without using machines in a gym. Pulse Yoga combines all of the best elements and disciplines of Pilates, Weight Training, and Yoga. It includes micro movements that primarily target areas such as the gluteus muscles, abdominals, upper arms and lower back. These micro movements within the yoga postures are highly effective with results that are noticeable immediately. Pulse Yoga DVDs are available in I (Basic), II (Strength & Stamina), III (Balance & Tone), and Express Versions, for $14.99 each. For more information, please visit www.pulseyoga.com

pulse yoga express


The winner of this giveaway will receive a free Pulse Yoga EXPRESS DVD.


To enter visit Pulse Yoga and then leave me a comment on this post telling me which DVD interests you the most..


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