Power Rangers RPM Volume 2: Race for Corinth DVD Review And Giveaway

power rangers rpm race for corinth dvd cover

Power Rangers RPM, Vol. 2: Race for Corinth

Own It On September 8, 2009

Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Rated: ?TV-Y7-FV? (US); ?PG? (Canada)
Run time: 115 minutes

Synopsis: Get ready for pure racing excitement as the Power Rangers rev up the action against an evil army of mechanized ?Grinders? in Power Rangers RPM Volume 2: Race For Corinth. Battling from the doomed city of Corinth, Dr. K?s elite team of teenage heroes face the sinister Venjix Computer Network, which is intent on taking over the world?s communication and defense systems. Will the Power Rangers be able to master Dr. K?s high-tech Racing Performance Machines in time to save all mankind?

My youngest two loved Power Rangers when they were growing up. I always put it to how boys appreciate flying fists and flying feet. Power Rangers are still around although both my sons have come and gone and returned several times since the show began broadcasting in the early ’90’s. It is a staple in American children’s television broadcasting its seventeenth season on the ABC kids’ block.

The back plot is simple. Venjix has let loose an AL computer virus which makes communication useless. It has also dispatched an army of droids to destroy humanity. Man’s safehaven is the domed city of Corinth and its force field. There the Power Rangers fight to protect mankind.

Some animation augments a real life cast as Red Ranger Scott Trumann (Eka Darville), Yellow Summer (Rose McIver), Black Dillon Daniel Ewing), Blue Flynn McAllistar (Ari Boyland), Green Ziggy Grover (Milo Cawthorne), and Silver and Gold twins Gem and Gemma (Mike Given and Li Ming Hu) fight against villains including Venjix, the Cartels, and Alphabet Soup. Dr K runs the lab.

Their weapons include engine cells, cell shifter morphers, rev morphers, skyshift morphers, nitro blasters, wheel blasters, spacetime manipulation, RPM enforcers, cloud hatchet, the Zord attack vehicles, and Project GO-ONGER.

The show is a kid’s version of many of the crime shows adults watch on prime time. Its action is highly physical. The episodes are short without much dialogue. The conclusion is always good wins over bad but the threat remains.

The stories show the rangers as humans with strengths to be admired as well as faults to overcome. Scott must cope with living in the shadow of his older brother. Summer must cope with parents who want her to marry for money. Ziggy must deal with his own incompetence. Each ranger has his own story.

The plots of the various Power Ranger episodes help today’s tweens understand the reality of life and its accompanying stresses even though the background is make believe and science-fiction. A multi-racial cast works together for the common good. Seeing this is a positive example of role modeling. Helping people instead of being out strictly for oneself is definitely the way to go.

Even failure has its lessons. In an early episode Ziggy’s teleporter malfunctions leaving him in his boxers. Young people enjoy this kind of humor. This show has a little of everything. Of course parents should be involved in their children’s television selections and provide appropriate feedback to their children about on screen events. ?I think this show is appropriate for young viewers.

Here’s a clip from the DVD called “I Just Want To Help People”.


The winner of this giveaway will receive their own copy of Power Rangers RPM Volume 2: Race for Corinth.


To enter visit leave me a comment on this post telling me which Power Ranger is your child’s (or your) favorite.


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  1. My grandson loves the blue Power Ranger. I don’t know if he has a name. Would he be thrilled if I was to give him this wonderful prize. Thank you!

  2. I believe Alex was my grandson’s favorite. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  3. Linda,

    I didn’t realize that the variouos colors also reflected a bit of personality casting wise.


  4. Carol,

    Ask and find ouot why–it will tell you al lot about what makes an impression on him.


  5. I’m not sure what my grandson’s favorite power ranger is but I do know that he really loves them!
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