Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie DVD Review

pooh heffalump movie dvd gift set box

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (Limited Edition with Plush)

from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

Own it on September 1, 2009

Suggested retail price: U.S. $29.99, Canada $35.99
Rated: U.S. G, Canada G
Total feature run time: 66 minutes

I found the perfect way to celebrate October 31. Disney Pictures is releasing Pooh’s Heffalump Movie on DVD just in time for the holiday. What a way to celebrate! This is one sweet trick or treat. It features Pooh and all his animal friends–Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Roo, Eeyore, Gopher, Mrs. Kanga, and a new friend Lumpy.

The 100 Acre Wood is busy preparing for the big day. The candy has been collected to give away. All the animals have their costumes–a honey pot, super Tigger, a pumpkin head, a scarecrow, an angel, and two pirates. Then Pooh eats all the candy. Inspired by stories of the Gobloon and how anyone catching him gets a wish, Roo and Lumpy decide to find him. Can trick or treat be saved?

Echoes, bats, blackbirds, and an old tree bring laughs and scares along the way. Roo and Lumpy promise to stick together, best friends forever. So when Roo is separated from Lumpy, he gives up wishing for candy. The moral is unconditional friendship, a lesson everybody should learn and live. In the end, Mrs. Kanga is the real hero though. She has cookies, treats, and jack-o-lanterns for Pooh and all his friends.

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David Ogden Stiers narrates the tale. Running time is 66 minutes. Animation is bright. Its bright colors and pastel tones show well against the darker shadows of the night. Bonus features include games and activities, recipes, instructions for great party planning, printable invitations, and directions for making jack-o-lanterns.

Toddlers to preteens are sure to enjoy Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. The costumed Pooh stuffed animal that comes in the special package is a real collectible. I’m marking this for my grandchild; I can see the smile it will bring to her face right now.

The DVD Gift set Includes:

*Original Pooh?s Heffalump Halloween Movie DVD

*Pooh Dressed as Tigger beanz plush


Fun Games including:

*Trick or Re-Treat

*Pooh?s Boo Bingo!

*Pass the Pumpkin

Plus, Heffalump Halloween Party Planner

*Printable Party Invitations

*Halloween-themed Recipes

*Decorate Your Own Jaggedy Lantern

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  1. This sounds precious for the younger set. Everyone loves Pooh! I noticed Halloween things are out in the stores already. It will be the end of October before we know it!

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