Playing dress up

I’ve been looking for clothes for the last two year (not for me but for my little girl). Her name is Roxie. She is four and a half. She has short light brown hair, stands at about three feet tall, and weighs approximately 50 pounds. She is spoiled silly.

Now when I was in Ghiardelli Square, San Francisco I saw some adorable outfits but they were jut too small. Then when I was by the International Market in Waikiki, I saw some cute tropical wear. I figured the apparel would just be too hard to get on her so I decided to look back here. That way I could return it if she gave me any problems.

Now I am not like my children who let their kids decide what they will wear and what they won’t. I rule not Roxie. Joke! She is extremely strong and quick. She fights anyone touching her paws. Her floppy ears and wiggly bobbed tail are always going. You should have guessed by now that she is a dog.

Roxie barks whenever she thinks she hears something. Some watchdog she would be. If anyone gives her a dirty look, she runs to hide behind me. Still she loves to use those paws to play. Somehow she thinks she is the boss and tries to corner the cats. That is about when one of them swat her and she whines. She gets no sympathy from me though. After all she is the one who started it.

My pet is better dressed than some women I know. Her wardrobe includes a yellow nautical hooded anorak jacket, a brown and tan marbled zipped hoodie vest, a knit brown tweed zip-up, a black coat with a faux leather belt and collar, a collared brown cable knit button down sweater, a silky red quilted coat with a black faux fur collar and black cotton lining, and a soft sleeveless red sweater with a bow on the back–all from the Dickens Closet Collection.

Roxie is ready for any weather. . Normally large size pet clothes (much like large size women’s plus ones) are hard to find and rarely go on sale. I put it down to supply and demand. Each normally carries a #12.99 to $29.99 price tag; yet all six purchases were bought in PETCO with my customer bonus card at the unbelievably low price of 3 for $9.99

PETCO is a great pet supermarket, supplying all needs–veterinary, food, grooming, and on and on–for just about any kind of pet. And best of all its workers are thoughtful and helpful. I can’t say that about a lot of places.
Here are some pictures of my pet boxer modeling.


Roxie 2

Roxie 3

Roxie 4

There is only one problem with dressing Roxie. She likes to take the clothes off. She can use those paws better than most humans use their hands. Hmm…. Maybe some burlesque house will hire her.

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  1. I have lost other pets in their time.  It is the stupid loses that could have been avoided.  I remember her as if it was just today.

  2. Did you ever ask your mother about her first cat.  She was playing with dolls and her doll carriage when she found her in the street.  She  played with her all day then put the carriage away by the basement entrance.  The next morning her mother woke her up telling her that she had heard meowing and found a cat.  Your mother was allowed to keep her.  Your grandmother named the cat Jezebel (Ives had a record out them called Jezebel).  The cat was gentle and loving.  Your mother cried bitter tears when she was hit by a car.  She had crossed the street to play with the rabbits by the park. 

  3. Thanks for the idea.  I have wanted to take her out at Halloween for the last few years.  Now you have given me the idea.  She can go as a super-hero.  I really like it.  Now to find something in her size….  Hope to hear from you again.  

  4. If Roxie could speak, she would say thank you.  Instead I will do that for her.  All mamas love to hear their children described as beautiful.  I thank you for posting that reply.

  5. Roxie is my shadow and pretty much lets me do what I want to her except walking her nicely.  You were right she does try to take it off as soon as I m not watching her.  She usually succeeds too.  Thanks for the visit.  Sorry it took me so long to respond.

  6. I hope you weren’t disappointed in my ploy.  I just wanted to keep your interest.  A dog’s tale may not be for some readers.

  7. Thanks for your suggestion.  As my post told the clothes were on a super sale.  However, I will keep that in mind next time I want to outfit my little girl.  She really should be in bigger sizes.

    1. The job of every aspiring writer is to get his reader’s interest. Hope you were. Thanks for getting back to me. Roxie is my baby silly as it seems.

  8. That is so cute! It took me awhile to find that you were talking about your adorable dog.
    I would love to have a dog to buy clothes for.

    1. I think that they are a trifle snug on her and she is really not willing to diet. She loves table food even though it is usually forbidden. You wouldn’t happen to know where I can find XXL for her. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Roxie is one Gorgeous Girl!! I’ve been BEGGING my hubby for a Dog for 25 years!!! He just smiles and says no! So sad.. I love all animals and would be such a good doggie momma!

    1. I love my little girl. I didn’t really want a boxer. They are puppies for years–like three or four. I rescued her. She was given to someone as a gift and the person just had no idea how demanding a puppy could be. Perhaps you could pet sit or pet walk. People actually make good money for that. I know I don’t want to leave her in a kennel when I travel and she can’t always go. Think of an alternate solution, one good for you that doesn’t make your husband frown. I believe you would be a great momma for anyone or anything. Your words show a lot about you. I can’t wait to check out your blog spot. Thanks for the response.

  10. Oh that’s adorable! I was thinking to myself that Roxie looked a little embarrassed but looking closer, one can see that she looks like a natural model. What an expressive face! I have a feeling that even though you decide Roxie’s wardrobe, Roxie decides the rest.
    It’s a very nice blog you have, I’m here from Mom Knows It All. You are both most delightful. I’ll be back but you’ll probably be off globetrotting.

    1. I love to hear people say nice things about Mom Knows It All–I really think the world of her. Thank you for the compliment too. I do travel a bit but the internet makes it easy for me to keep in touch. I am looking forward to your being back. I scoped out a little of yoour site yesterday but didn’t know how to comment without creating mass mayhem here. I am new to the computer and the internet you see. Thank you for the kind words.

    1. Thanks for getting back to me. for People need to laugh more. In this world of stress, depression, ulcers, yada yada, yada, I’m glad you and Sophie have one another. Pets are as good for their owners as their owners are for them. I’d love to see Sophie. What is she?

  11. Perhaps I dressed my cats in baby clothes and pushed them around in carriages because the dressing of the pets is a hereditary thing. LOL.

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