Pill Popping Reality

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When I began my diet last winter, I noticed Liporexall and many other diet pills were available over the counter. With obesity one of the biggest health problems that America faces, it is only smart marketing driven by customer demand. Products like these can help. However, anyone thinking about taking diet pills should discuss the matter with his doctor. Losing weight is eating right, cutting food intake, and becoming more active. Every dieter should realize success comes with diet and exercise. As I’ve previously mentioned, there is no miracle cure.

4 thoughts on “Pill Popping Reality

  1. Erika,

          Before packaged food became the everyday table choice, people at less meat and more balanced meals.  The plus was that  made from scratch was nutritious.  It was also more economical.  Then came dysfunctional families, single parents, working moms, multiple jobs.  We live in a disposable society nowadays.

  2. Common sense goes a long way with diet pills, especially over the counter, none for me thank you.

    I only have twelve pounds to lose to fit back into my clothes right, but I’m having a devil of a time, I’ll lose it eventually, but I need to remember that my metabolism isn’t what it used to be and not allow myself to gain it again.

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