Pete’s Dragon High Flying Edition DVD Review

petes dragon high flying edition cover

Pete’s Dragon (High-Flying Edition)
Feature run time: 129 Minutes
Rated: ?G? (US); ?G? (Canada)
Bonus Materials Not Rated

Initially released in 1977, Walt Disney productions has rereleaseded on DVD Pete’s Dragon, a live action story with an animated title character. When I was given the chance to review it, I grabbed the chance. Somehow I missed this one first time around. It is a real find and a keeper too. It runs for 129 minutes and has bonus features like Razzle Dazzle Effects, Deleted Storyboard Sequence, Original Song Concept, Original Demo Recordings, a Promotional Record, plus much more.

Pete (Sean Marshall) is an orphan on the run trying to escape the abusive Gogan Family who bought him. He travels with his friend Elliott (Charlie Calas), a good, friendly, green and purple dragon who likes to play. Elliott is magical, and his magic brings good.

When Pete and Elliott wander into Passamaquoddy, a Maine fishing village, Pete cautions Elliott, “No fooling around.” That is where the fun begins. Trees, cats, fences, horses, wet cement, eggs, and a school marm provide good visual comedy set in a place of security where the unexpected never happens until NOW. Temporarily an outcast, the locals think Pete is a harbinger of bad luck and blame him for no fish.

Pete is a twelve year old boy, scared, who doesn’t know what to do when Nora finds him and takes him in. He goes to school, helps find Nora’s lost love Paul, saves the town, and is saved from the Gogans. Through it all he shows great character traits and values like friendship, trust, and love. He knows that life is not about buying and selling. He realizes that friends can be different. His only want is to belong.

Comedians Mickey Rooney, Red Buttons, Jim Baccus, and Jim Dale are hilarious. The scenes with Elliott the dragon are the best. The scene where Elliott hugs Pete with his tail especially touches me. The one where Elliott lets out a fiery belch after drinking is great. I enjoyed every minute of the film. I felt Pete’s tear as Elliott flew off to help another child in need at the end. I appreciated his caution: Behave yourself, Silly.

The only classic that I would enjoy more is is its best combined live-animation Song of the South. When Disney brought Joel Chandler Harris’s folktales to the screen, he gave kids a lot to think about–values, how we treat others, and the good and bad in people because in reality all those critters are personifications of us. Alas, it is not available in the U. S. A.

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  1. My son and I enjoyed this when he was little. It is a delightful family movie.I especially enjoyed Helen Reddy singing “Candle on the Water.” What a lovely voice she has!

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