Pediatric Safety

Leslie Mayorga R.N. BSN has written an important article which every parent and child care provider should read and heed. Its subject is “Don’t Let a Predator Make Your Child a Victim”. Originally written for an online forum Pediatric Safety dedicated to our Children’s Health and Safety, the author has been kind enough kind enough to share it with us, her fellow bloggers.

This article can be found at It is informative, factual, an 100% accurate. Please take the time to read this article. It is important. As a long time educator in public schools, take it from me I know. Leslie is one of my online friends. She’s requested comments. Please be sure to send them. They will help get the message out: KIDS MUST BE PROTECTED.

Leslie blogs at Leslie Loves Veggies. Please go to her site to find more about her and to read other articles she has written.

16 thoughts on “Pediatric Safety

  1. Thank you – this article is so important for all parents (and relatives of children) to read. I’m still in shock by some of the statistics.
    I posted a link to the article and to your site on my blog and emailed it to my parent friends – hopefully if everyone who reads the article can share it with others, we can save some kids from falling victim to predators.

  2. Deborah,

    I beg to differ–ALL parents.  With times so changed old ones need to see things with respect to today’s world.



  3. God Bless the person who wrote the article! Our childen must be protected from these animals of society!

  4. Thank you so much Friend!!!! Your Friendship means the world to me! Children are NOT a commodity to be shared with a predator! I am so thankful to for YOUR part!
    YOU are a doll!
    Many Many thanks!!

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