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With the summer tourism season now at peak here in Ocean County, New Jersey, it’s a great time to look at alternatives to shopping crowded supermarket aisles. Recently, I learned about Peapod, a delivery service that Stop and Shop has available in Northern and Central New Jersey. Peapod is also available in Eastern, Central, and Cape Cod, MA; Rhode Island; Connecticut; Westchester County and Long Island, NY; Greater Washington, DC; Montgomery County, MD; Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudon County, VA; Greater Chicago; as well as Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin.

I was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look at Peapod operations in northern New Jersey last week.? Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

I was pleased to learn that there is a seven day price guarantee on every order and that I could order up to two weeks before my delivery. Having my own personal shopper means that I don’t have to spend gas driving to the store, wait on busy lines in the store, pack my things into my car, or lug them into my house. Once the order is complete, a driver who has passed a background check and driver safety classes, brings them right to the door.

Orders must be logged online prior to midnight of scheduled delivery date. The minimum order is $60.00 with a $6.95 to $9.95 delivery charge on the first order. After that, there is free delivery for a sixty day trial period. Use of coupons is permitted. In fact those up to $.99 will be doubled. Payments are made with a Stop and Shop gift card, gift card, debit card, or major credit card. Inventory is somewhat smaller and some prices are different from the ones posted in local home stores.

Having toured one of the Peapod warehouses myself, I can say that employees are well trained to insure customers get what they order on time without incident. All perishables–produce, delicatessen, frozen food, meats, and dairy items–are specially packed in temperature controlled containers, travel with special cooling packets, or are on dry ice. A track board records wrong and missing items, late delivery, etc. Returns are possible and easy to make. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

I am in the process of preparing my first order. I need bulky items this time around. I hope hubby appreciates not having to carry kibble in ?for our St. Bernard or heavy cases of soda again. The weekly fresh corn special just caught my eye as did the Starbucks ice cream (with a special coupon from Peapod). Gotta go. I’m off to surf for Yoplait, Redi Wip, Tyson….

If you don’t drive, are a shut in, take care of little kid(s), or have a job, check out Peapod may well lighten your busy load and free up some time for yourself. You deserve it and you know it.

One thing more: Tipping the delivery person is strictly optional. It all depends on his service and what you think he deserves.

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  1. I get peapod twice a month & spend $100 or less, I do not work due to how they tell me i slip through the cracks. But I love it as do not have to worry about dragging my cart [do not drive] all over & things falling out, I could go to giant & get a few things to bring home. However I do not want people to see me with food or money, why risk getting robbed? These days people rob & kill you [even if you give them what they want], but I guess I should not worry because if this happened then I will be in my eternal sleep waiting for Jesus.

  2. If I were still working and not pinching every penny as tightly as I can 😉 I would love peapod! What a great luxury to have someone else do your grocery shopping! In our area, the Jewel Stores have Peapod.

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