Operation Birthday Cake And A Bake Me A Wish Review And Giveaway

We celebrate the special occasions, holidays, and birthdays together–that’s hubby, four grown children, significant others, five grandchildren, and me. Now this has been tricky at times like when son LA was deployed in the mid-East and couldn’t get leave to attend one of the family functions. That was the time we took his 16 X 20 navy picture out and served him anyway. Another time we got together via internet camcorder. Then there were the times we visited a la conference calling. We do whatever we have to.

Me, I am definitely no Betty Crocker; I choose to buy baked goods. We live at the shore with lots of quick food but good bakeries few and far between. I have driven for miles searching but good bakeries just don’t last in this area. Furthermore, even if they did, I couldn’t get a birthday to California fresh much less the Persian Gulf. An impossible task up to now!

Great news for a Blue Star Mom like me who wants her sailor son to have a taste of home. Recently I learned about a cake made from scratch with fresh ingredients that is guaranteed to remain fresh for five days or frozen up to two months. That is enough time to be shipped anywhere.

When I was asked to review a Bake Me A Wish Cake I was skeptical. However, sampling the product has made a believer out of me. Every cake is considered as a special order. All cakes are kosher Chof-K certified and come in ten different varieties including Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake, Red Velver Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse Torte, Tiramisu Classico Cake, Vanilla Bean Cake, Carrot Cake, Boston Cream Pie, S’more Brownie Cake, Peanut Butter Mousse Cake, and Coconut Cream Cake. Now hear this: A real New York City bakery in New York City headed by Stephan Leroux creates each masterpiece.

A Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake arrived at my front door special delivery. It came in a well-insulated box, packed with foam, air packs, and ice gel clearly labeled. ?It was in perfect condition on opening. It was fresh that day too. Too bad I can’t tell you about days later or even the next day. The family loved it so much that it was done, finished, no leftovers before the table was cleared.

bake me a wish shipped

bake me a wish dry ice

bake me a wish in cooler

bake me a wish box

bake me a wish cake

The brownie cake reminded me of flourless chocolate cake but better. Delicious, decadent, indecent. Every mouthful chocolaty rich, smooth, sweet but not cloying. Its imported Belgian chocolate wafer on top personalized it. Mine said, “Thank You.” Other possible greetings include “Happy Birthday, Best Wishes, Congratulations, Anniversary / Love, Get Well Soon, and Sympathy”.

I like the cake so much that I am contemplating arranging for one for my sailor boy. It is a Freedom Cake that comes with a personalized special greeting cards imprinted with the American Flag. It’s listed as a Military Cake and features a layer of chocolate brownie, fudge frosting, sprinkles and bittersweet chocolate shavings.

5% of every cake order goes to Operation Birthday Cake, a project where soldiers overseas receive a gourmet birthday cake. The soldiers love it, check out some soldier?s responses to Operation Birthday Cake.

Delivery within the continental U. S. is guaranteed within a day of placing an order. Overseas deliveries obviously take longer. Cost is $75 plus $5 for shipping and handling. 5% of sales revenue goes to Soldiers’ Angels, a non-profit 200,000 strong, which sponsors sending Freedom Cakes to our military.


The winner of this giveaway will receive a Bake Me A Wish Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake.


To enter visit Bake Me A Wish and then return here and leave me a comment telling me who you?d bring with you to dinner and what occasion (if any) you?d be celebrating another one of their cakes (besides this one) that you’d like to try.


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158 thoughts on “Operation Birthday Cake And A Bake Me A Wish Review And Giveaway

  1. Certainly would love the Tiramisu Classic Cake when I celebrate Mom’s coming birthday!

  2. I would take my husband to dinner and we would be celebrating our first time out to dinner since having our baby 6 months ago!

    I am dying to try the Peanut Butter Mousse Cake

  3. Guest of honor would have to be my gram and all the grandkids/great-grandkids. She’s already 97 – we won’t wait for another birthday – just call it a family party. And we’d get her a bostom creme cake to go with the chocolate one since she likes to try a little of everything.

  4. Whitestone,

    I supposde to stretch it more–very smaall slices topped with v anilla ice cream.


  5. I don’t believe I entered here and I Don’t know why I didn’t!! I’d love to try the cookies and cream cake at some point for a birthday or something…these would all be great for birthdays and holidays.

  6. I’d invite my four closest high school friends and we’d have a mini reunion and catch up on a Cookies and Cream Cake.

  7. I would take it to dinner with my inlaws. The peanut butter mousse cake also looks good!

  8. Whoa! That was difficult choosing a favorite. I guess I would love to try the Tiramisu Classico Cake. My hubby has a birthday coming up and he loves tiramisu and he just might be persuaded to share a birthday slice with our (rather large) family. However, since the prize is for a Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie cake, I’m sure we could settle for delicious, nutritious chocolate. LOL

  9. Linda,

    this cake looks small but it is so rich that just a sliver goes a long way and has lots of calories.  En jooy.


  10. Linda,

    this cake looks small but it is so rich that just a sliver goes a long way and has lots of calories.  En jooy.


  11. Jill,

    The cocoanut remonds me of the tropics.  Oh, on this hot evening for a cooling breeze.


  12. I’d bring it to my cousin’s 21st Birthday Party Dinner! A special occasion deserves a special dessert!

  13. RSS subscriber … and all of their cakes look tasty. The Tiramisu is calling my name though, I can hear it just begging to come home to me.

  14. I would be bringing my family and celebrating my daughters birthday which is midAugust so this almost works out. Maybe, possibly … I’m wishing for a Bake Me a Wish cake instead of baking a wish cake at home. thanks for the review. liked seeing the pictures of how the cake was shipped

  15. I would get the Coconut Cream Cake to have when we celebrate moving into our new house. We’re planning a cookout with all those involved with helping us move. From the men who loaded and unloaded the truck, to my best friend in the world who helped pack and unpack tons of boxes, to the friend who kept the babies, and last but definitely not least my Mama who is my rock. Without her support I’d fall ALL to pieces.

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