One Of The Reasons I’m Thankful

front end crown vic crash

Several years ago I was in a terrible automobile accident. The tire failed and my 1999 Crown Victoria went into a cement wall sustaining $15,000 in body damage. When the insurance adjusters came, they stopped estimating before they got to the inside of the vehicle.

I was rushed to a trauma center nearby and spent the next three days being treated. I thanked God I was alive. I thanked God that my son who was asleep in the back seat had only minor cuts and scrapes. I thanked God that other cars did not become involved. I think I was lucky and I am still thankful every day.

The months of treatment that followed were no breeze though. Medication, therapy, pain management began then and still years later continue. That accident really messed me up orthopedically. I can’t complain though. The fact is I am alive and that is what counts. At rehab the girl working with me gave me a tip when I complained I was awake most of the night: Get a good orthopedic pillow. It will help you get a better night’s sleep.

I checked into it and followed her recommendation. After I checked out what was available (high quality fiber, neck lobes, multiple firmness levels, and more), I selected the one I thought would give me the right support. I am glad I did. Take it from me. I know now that the right pillow can make a BIG difference.

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  1. Oh my…. what a horrible thing that happened to you! I can only imagine the pain you went through but I too am so thankful you are still with us today!

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