One Man, Many Gloves

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There are many different kinds of gloves. For outside dress, it’s leather. For outside everyday, it’s thermal. For formal, its white. For the lawn, it’s garden. For the coal stove, its fireproof. For mechanics, its work gloves. I always seem to be buying hubby gloves. He never seems to be able to find the ones he has or loses one. He either wears the ones he has out or he lends a pair to one of the boys (never to be seen again). So it’s time to buy him some more work gloves at least while I can find them in the stores. The strangest thing about merchandising nowadays is that seasonal is not for the moment; it is for the next season.

2 thoughts on “One Man, Many Gloves

  1. My mom is always losing her gloves, too! We buy her new ones every year. lol
    I know what you mean by seasonal. That makes shopping hard sometimes!

  2. I know…RIGHT? They are ALWAYS a few months ahead of us and is so hard to find things for the HERE and NOW…

    My teen got Christmas gift cards and cash and now everything is all picked over and they will be putting all the spring clothes in stores and swimwear for spring break. Nice to have you dreaming about spring, but sort of silly to sell bikinis to those living in the winter wonderland of WHITE and frozen tundra.

    Same thing happens here with the glove thing. And add a husband that also hunts so you need gloves in camo AND blaze orange too. Just between you and me, I think they “lose” their work gloves on purpose…wink, wink!

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