One EskimO, All Balloons Album Review

the adventures of one eskimo

Produced by Passion Pictures, well known for their award-winning Gorillaz animation, ?The Adventures of One eskimO? takes viewers on an animated journey through an epic love story starring our hero One eskimO and his band of animal friends that include Monkey, Giraffe and Penguin. The story begins with One eskimO and the love of his life Little Feather living peacefully in their igloo home, enjoying life as it passes by. One evening, Little Feather and One eskimO are torn apart by a dark force known as Mr. Top Hat who controls the world through his crystal ball. Our forlorn eskimO mopes around, pining for his lost love, imagining that she has left him for Mr. Top Hat. Through the help of a wise and brave owl he learns that she is in great peril. With only a knapsack and an enduring love, One eskimO sets out with his band of animal friends on an epic quest to rescue her.

A 10 part short form animated series; ?The Adventures of One eskimO? debuts today on iTunes, Amazon Video on Demand, and CinemaNow in the U.S. and will debut on iTunes U.K. September 7. To download the One eskimO trailer and to sign up for a season pass to automatically receive future episodes visit:

Help One eskimO before it?s too late! By visiting fans can join One eskimO and his band on a quest to track down his lost love. Users are confronted with a series of challenges and games set by the dastardly Mr. Top Hat which they have to overcome if they ever want One eskimO to see Little Feather again. Each game corresponds to major plot points from the series and employs the same unique look and feel. The online experience allows fans to delve deeper into the story and to feel part of the world of One eskimO.

I just finished listening to the U. K. based band One eskimO‘s debut album released in the United States September 22, 2009. Kristian Lerontious is lead with Adam Falkner on drums. Jamie Sefton on bass and horn, and Peter Rinaldi on guitar. The visual album One Eskimo, All Balloons combines within its ten songs animation and storytelling. Music is sweet, almost a lullaby at times.

Astronaughts, Kandi, Slip, All Balloons, Chocolate, Hometime, Simple Day, Chosen One, UFO, and Amazing tell the love story of Little Eskimo’s love for Little Feather, how Mr. Top Hat with his crystal ball and dark forces conspire against them, and show his journey to rescue her. The story tell it as love found, lost, then regained. Its segments are lost love, a dream revealed, heartbroken, a little help, chocolate, star journey, paradise lost, an ocean tale, the dead island, and leap of faith.

The art work is excellent and graphics eye appealing. Young and old alike will appreciate the simple lines. subdued colors, and black contrasts. The snow, the igloo, ice fishing, and the atmosphere signal cold isolation. The danger of the dark demons touches the imagination. The giraffe on drums, the penguin on guitar, and the monkey on horn lighten things up.

The themes for this hearing and seeing experience touch on Indian folklore. Lessons like one is never alone are appropriate. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy Eskimo’s charm and wistfulness. I liked every minute of what I call a virtual show.

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