On Turning On The Christmas Lights

christmas 2008 house display

I live in a Gold Medallion TOTAL Electric Home. Back in the mid-60’s it was the wave of the future. Then when Nixon declared an energy crisis and building gas heated homes was temporarily verboten, it was the only way to go. Times have changed, and I tell you that my electric bill is astronomical just like the stars and the national debt. My favorite seasons are spring and summer–hopefully no heat on or air conditioning either and no pool. Hubby groaned when I reminded him he has to put up our outdoor lighting display. It will be light from dusk to midnight. No Scrooge and Bah, Humbug about me or him either. We both love Christmas and celebrating it with our family.

3 thoughts on “On Turning On The Christmas Lights

  1. Since our boys have been born, one of our favorite things to do during the season is to drive around and look at other people lights. My boys get SO excited.

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  2. Our small town has a contest for homes that are decorated, it sure is awesome to drive thru the streets at night and see all the homes lit up.

  3. One of our favorite family holidays treats is driving around to see the holiday lights in different neighborhoods. I’m sure the folks in your town enjoy your lighting display.

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