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I grew up in an age of imagination and active play. I went from girl toys like dolls, doll furniture, and doll houses to skates, bicycles, and bowling balls. There wasn’t much electronics in the middle. No computer but instead a typewriter; no Playstation3 but rather a board game; no stereo but just a kitchen radio. For the record, I was neither poor nor deprived. That is the way it was in my days.

My oldest granddaughter is now a tween–too old for toys but too young not to want them. I gave up buying toys for her about two years ago when she stopped playing with them and started selling them at the flea market to get money for more toys (that she did not seem to play with either).

I love getting gifts for the people I love and I do love Princess. I never thought clothes were the perfect present for me so I avoid getting them for other people. It is not time for her yet for expensive jewelry and cheap costume is not to my buying taste. She isn’t into hobbies and doesn’t like to read. I suggested a bike or skates for her to her mother. Both ideas met with emphatic no’s as she doesn’t want either.

It turns out is what she wants is one of the ?Zhu Zhu pets, the animatronic hamsters. It seems they are the hot item for the season. Yes, that’s right – a hamster. Don’t try to find any in stock on the shelf of the local toy store – there are none. I’ll be looking for this gift online. Shop.com gathers up multiple sellers and stores for one item so the site can save you some leg work.

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