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I frequently receive email from companies asking me to share news and special offers with my readers. I?ll be selecting the best of them and sharing them, in their words, with you here each week.

Ektar Experience – Kodak Contest
Prize: Prize includes stay at Disney?s Animal Kingdom? Lodge at the Walt Disney World? Resort, behind the scenes photography experience with safari animals and workshops with an award-winning photographer
Who’s eligible USA, 18+
Contest ends: August 31
To enter visit

Tees For Change

Tees For Change has recently moved and is having their first ever moving sale! All organic cotton baby onesies and toddler tees will be sold at 50% off retail price. The sale starts July 21 and ends when all items are sold out. We have a very limited amount of stock, so if there?s something you?re interested in, please place your order as soon as possible.


Win a one of a kind Chrome / Pabst Blue Ribbon Limited Edition Messenger Bag.
Chrome and PBR, both known for their involvement within the bicycle community, collaborated to release a messenger bag that features the PBR logo on the front flap of a Chrome messenger bag. This one of a kind design will be raffled off via a contest through the Chrome website.

Contest Rules
? Contest runs until July 31, 2009.
? Winners Announced Aug 1, 2009.
? All entries are eligible to win a co-branded messenger bag from Chrome / PBR.
? Visit to enter.

College kids everywhere are bracing for astronomical textbook bills this fall semester ? a cost that?s become debilitating – often prohibitive – for many.
Consider this:
In 2007-2008, the average 4-year college student spent $921-$988 on textbooks.*
Skyrocketing prices got so high it prompted the College Textbook Affordability Act – which doesn?t go into effect until July 2010.
But there is an immediate solution for struggling students:
Better World Books offers millions of used textbooks and books online at prices up to 80% below what the college bookstore offers. It gets better:
Better World offers *free shipping* in the U.S. on all textbooks
Green: By buying used textbooks, students are recycling, and therefore keeping books out of landfills and saving trees. Plus Better World offers carbon offsets for each shipment.
Best part: a percentage of all textbook purchases goes to fund global literacy initiatives like Books for Africa?a win-win-win situation.
Better World Books “gets” the textbook problem – it was founded in 2002 by three broke Notre Dame seniors who figured out they could make more money by selling their books online than they could at their college bookstore. They turned it into a business, and today their company is one of the world?s largest sellers of new and used textbooks.

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