Nostradamus 2012 DVD Review And Giveaway – Hindsight is 20.20. Foresight is 2012.

nostradamus 2012 dvd cover

The History Channel has released another thoughtful and incisive video about a topic everyone has heard about and talked about at one time of another–namely when will our world end. The title of the video is Nostradamus 2012. Here is a little about the doomsday warning scheduled for 12-21-2012.

About 500 years ago a mystic astrologer called Nostradamus wrote of the Apocalypse that would be the end of days for mankind. He based his prophecies for conflict, chaos, and crisis on astrological phenomenon. He predicted traumatic changes when the sun and the galaxy align. His quatrains (1:55, 2:3. 5:98, and 1:65, Presaage16, Epistle Henry 2) as well as his lost book’s seven images record a changing environment, political transformation, and religious mayhem. Did his ability to read the stars allow him to foresee what is happening now?

Nostradamus’s insights are similar to those of other seers of ancient civilization. Look into the past of the Mayans and the Egyptians–advanced cultures well ahead of their times. Obsessed by the heavens, they too warned of danger, coming disasters, and violent change. Where does science end and coincidence begin? Watch, learn, then decide for yourself if catastrophy will destroy earth December 21, 2012.


One winner will receive the Nostradamus 2012 DVD.


To enter leave me a comment telling me how you think the world might end.


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91 thoughts on “Nostradamus 2012 DVD Review And Giveaway – Hindsight is 20.20. Foresight is 2012.

  1. Beth,

    The world was suposed to end a while b ack but didn’t.  Eventually something will happen but astrologers and astronomers are not God.


  2. According to the Mayan Calendar the world ends in 2012. I love these theories based off Nostradamus’ work

  3. Carol,

    I think we should live the best life we can and have faith not fear.  After 911 I decided I would allow no one and nothing to make me do anything else whagtever.


  4. I think it will end with a terrible virus that will spread so fast that there won’t be time to stop it.
    mittens0831 AT

  5. Grace,

    Noah’s flood destrooyed his world thn he built a new one.  It all depnds.


  6. Christine,

    Earth is not the world just our place in it.   Ancients believed the world was flat and Asia, Africa, and Europe.  What world still needs to be told. 


  7. Interesting question. I think it might end in a great flood considering global warming and how fast the polar caps are melting!

    Praying it won’t happen soon though!

  8. Claudia,

    I hope and pray.  meanwhile I just saw previews for the movie thitle 2012.


  9. somewhat unsure … but i think it will be either war ( nuclear ) or weather related. scary ….

  10. Peggy,

    I just saw clips for a new movie 2012 due to come out around the holidays I think.  This topic is gooing to be the rage until 2012 happens or not.


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