No Soliciting

no soliciting sign

Someone is always trying to sell me something. So much of the mail is junk. So many of the telephone calls are from paid solicitors. I wish they would stop bothering me. I have been told they get names and addresses from charities and other places people give donations to. There is even a google entry about how agents can get life insurance leads. They are getting worse than bill collectors.

4 thoughts on “No Soliciting

  1. Denise,

    One of my favorite respponses at meal time is, “I’m at dinner.  Please call me when you are scheduled to have yours.”


  2. I know what you are talking about!! We registered our numbers with the national Do Not Call Registry. Our main problem stems from moving and getting a new home phone number. Whoever had the phone number before us has bill collectors after them. If I am near the phone I’ll answer it and tell them the person they are looking for doesn’t have this number. They always ask if I know them!!!

    I am so tired of opening the mail box and having all the #%$&*@ junk mail. And with all the fraud going on you have to shred anything before you toss it away.

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