No Quick Solution, No Miracle Weight Loss

To get ready for my recent surgery, I started dieting in January. I weighted in then at 248 pounds.

I conscientiously counted calories and cut my sweets for the next three months except for my spring vacation in Disney. But even then I monitored my choices and did not go wild and to an excess. I lost about fifteen pounds. I could feel it and my clothes showed it. I had dropped a size and everything was no longer skin tight and uncomfortable.

The last week in April I went on a prebariatric diet–protein shakes, and liquids mostly. The day before surgery I stepped in the scale and the needle showed a loss of seven more pounds.

The week after my lapband was put in I enjoyed–cross that last word out and change it to tolerated–a clear liquid diet. Oh, well, it really was in my best interests…. When I saw my doctor on the first followup visit, four more pounds were gone.

Seven days later I got on the scale. It read another two pound loss. The clothes I was wearing were getting baggy on me. I treated myself to a mini-shopping trip. I bought two new things, specifically a bra since the girls needed something to perk them up and a dress for some special events to which hubby and I are going.

No weigh-in this week because of the holiday. Now at 220, I am curious what my next doctor’s visit will show. I find myself on the scale so much–I have control issues so I put it in the kitchen to remind myself. I think another couple of pounds are gone. One way or another, I know I am more conscious of what I am eating and drinking. It is a big help when I feel temptation.

Lapband is no guarantee that someone will lose weight. Some patients actually gain. Granted portions are smaller. However, if someone eats every hour and makes poor choices the girth expands.

Here is an example. ?Someone brought me a tasty from the local ice cream store. It was 570 calories, more than half the amount I consume all day. I had to make some hard but practical choices like: (1) say thank you and do not eat (not an option for me); (2) forget the calorie counting and eat it all (no, no); or (3) eat a little and put the rest in the refrigerator for another visit at another time (a consideration); (4) eat it and adjust menus for the day to account for the added calories (my choice).

Lapband also needs periodic adjustments as the stomach adjusts. Mine is another three weeks away. I am starting to experience hunger not although not uncontrollable 24-7 like before. It may just be old habits needing a changed. Thank goodness that my whole family is supportive. I have a long way to go and lots of time. I know my weight gain wasn’t overnight. It went on a pound at a time, and that’s the way it has to come off. Keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “No Quick Solution, No Miracle Weight Loss

  1. Deb,

         It is not as rare a procedure as I once thought.  The doctors say fewer people gain back what they lost.  I sure hope I am one of them.


  2. Congrats on the weight loss!! I have 2 friends that have the same surgery about 1 1/2 years ago and they are feeling and doing great~So don’t give up!!

  3. Kelly,

          Congratulations on your luck in winning the cookbook elsewhere.  I like the book.


  4. Dear Debbie,

          Well the pants I put on dropped to my hips this week.  Another box of give-away clothes started.  I can’t see the loss on myself.  See you Monday right?



  5. Pat… it dose take time it wont happen over night . how ever its not a good thing to get on the scale all the time . i found out your weight goes up and down all day. so once or twice a month is good. and keep up the good work you look great in your video.

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