No place for a rabbit to hide 18,000 eggs!

disney eggs

With my spending Easter in Disneyworld, you might think I had no worry about Easter leftover eggs. Here’s the scoop:

I hard boiled 24 large ones for decorating the wee hours of the day I left. I searched my cabinets for the coloring kit, but it just wasn’t where I put it. I told hubby that Peter Rabbit would have to deliver blanca ones. Ingenious and creative souls could show their artistry with markers and a do-it-yourself theme. He disagreed naturally.

Big T was being grinchy because he feared I had left him with nothing to eat. He was afraid he would starve on two large packages of salisbury steak, several pounds of chicken nuggets, a bag of meatballs, a dozen quarter-pounder chopped angus patties, and a couple of packages of franks. I also augmented these mains with several TV dinners in case he wasn’t in the mood to use the stove and/or oven. I even bought steaming bags of veggies for him. I even dared to tell hubby there was no reason that he could not eat some hard-boiled eggs.

Now hard-boiled eggs are great by themselves, a must in egg salad, tasty pickled with beets,yummy as deviled eggs, and a great add-on to both spinach and chef’s salads. If any still remain when I get back this evening, I have an old cookbook (actually several) that were passed on down to me by my mother. I’ll select one of the old standards and wing it from there. I always feel free to substitute and adapt. I know that is what the best cooks do. I just wish I were one of them.

Meanwhile I attended a big Easter Egg hunt at CFU. They were all plastic so I don’t have to worry about the ones my grandchild collected. I also attended another one at the WDW Boardwalk. Grandchild collected about ten pounds of candy. The way she loves sweets, I won’t have to worry again. Grandchild, mother, and I boiled and decorated a dozen here. With four of us snacking, they were gone earlier in the week.

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