Nature?s Most Amazing Events DVD Review

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I just finished viewing the BBC Earth series Nature’s Most Amazing Events. It records “The Great Ice Melt,” “The Great Salmon Run,” “The Great Migration,” “The Great Tide,” “The Great Flood,” and “The Great Feast”. It even features go behind-the-scenes segments. I enjoyed watching it from start to end.

Now I’m going to tell you in detail about “The Great Melt” then leave you to check out the other natural forces and the chain reactions each brings. Hope you enjoy every show as much as I did.

BBC Earth sets “The Great Melt” in the Artic and depicts the one year cycle of ice. Its thawing, recession, and reforming become an epic story of naturalism, predators, and scavengers.

In the land of the midnight sun and northern lights, June’s 24 hours day hastens the great melt cycle. As sun rays slowly change glaciers into pools of water, peak melt is just a month. The landscape changes with the season. Islands previously frozen, barren, austere, and white, come alive with vegetation slowly. The birth of color camouflages hunter from the hunted.

Seals, arctic fox, sea birds, narwhal, beluga whale, bowhead whale, walrus, thrive and become more visible. The disappearance of the ice brings them relief, but the disappearance of ice endangers the polar bear.

The polar bear is a trapped meat eater. To survive, he must to overcome the danger and challenge of a fluid environment. He must for scraps of vegetation or starve. The summer brings little food for him.

I enjoyed watching every minute of the first episode in BBC Earth’s series of six stories. It is photography was spectacular yet intimate.

Scripting is excellent–simple, understandable, educational, yet still entertaining. It uses good facts and details as it sets its story in nature. Animal rituals, graphic at times, are not repugnant. They are simply real and true to life.

Fate determining events affect all life, human, animal, and plant. 2007’s Great Melt was the largest to date. 400,000 more miles of ice disappeared. Scientists predict within 20 to 40 more years, the summer Artic will be ice free. This will change the earth greatly. Meanwhile, people have to do more than “Think green.” They have to live that way too.

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