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Lots of things take moisture from my skin–the sun, air-conditioning, the pool, even my daily shower. By the end of the summer season my skin is flaky, white, dry, scaly, and itchy. A reptile ready to shed couldn’t feel any worse.

Recently I received a TARA Sun Therapy Tote of full sized products that includes its Rehydrator Lotion, Recovery Gel, Lavender Face and Body Mist, and Cool Mint Lip Balm SPF15. Its cost is $48 +SH. All these are made from chemical-free sun protection formulas that protect, nourish, and heal the skin. This line’s key ingredients are aloe, sea algae extracts, grapeseed extract, rosehip oil, lavender, and tea tree essential oils.

From the website – The attractive and practical white nylon mesh drawstring bag is perfect for poolside or beach. It contains full sizes (6 oz) of TARA Safe Sun products. Lavender Mist to refresh and hydrate, Recovery Gel to cool and soothe sun exposed skin and Rehydrator Lotion to restore moisture to dehydrated skin, and a Sun Sense information Guide.

The TARA Sun Collection, an aloe-based line formulated with sea algae extracts, was born out of our well known Aloe Rehydrating Wrap, a treatment we developed for desert and tropical climates. In addition to offering sun protection, our products offer healing, soothing, nourishing and hydrating benefits for sun-exposed, dry and irritated skin conditions.

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I surely could have used all of them on my cross-country trek this past summer. But plans were flying home with only a carry, so I did not want to lose them at the security check. Next time round I hope to take them in travel size. They are well worth the cost. My skin feels better and looks that way too. It is worth the pampered treatment touch of a spa product.

I didn’t get to try Recovery Gel sufficiently so I cannot give it a fair review. I just haven’t been out that much since I got home.

I think the lip balm is the best ever. It works–no cracked or sun-parched lips, tastes pleasant, and lasts for hours without having to be reapplied.

Rehydrator Lotion?is great applied directly after my nightly toilette. I slathered it everywhere except in my hair. Its white rich cream quickly penetrated the layers of my skin. Even though it was invisible I knew it was working. It lasted throughout the day with NO SCRATCHING.

Lavender Face and Body Mist is my morning treat. I sprayed some on to the palms of my hands then applied that sparingly to my face, neck, bust line, and arms. It refreshed and, best of all, its light lavender scent was pleasant and didn’t attract any insects the way perfume often does. My family thought I had purchased a new cologne and gave me many compliments on its fragrance.

Thanks to My Spa Shop for the opportunity to review the Sun Therapy Tote. I love it!

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