My Name Is Murphy

My Name Is Murphy

I know you all have heard about Murphy’s Law. Well, it was made for me.

Hubby and I spend the early morning packing the camper. We want to be on our way by noon. We make it after a quick stop at McD’s for some Dollar Menu purchases. On to the GSP as we locals call it. The GPS exit at #145 for Route 280 West. E-Z Pass collects the toll, and we are off that road. Or are we?

At the overpass the RV begins to backfire, loses power, then stalls. The scenery is panoramic 360 in every direction–up, down, forward, backward, and both sides. It is also traffic jammed and scary. I feel like I am on a California freeway at rush hour. While hubby talks to AAA, I call 911. Two hours later Twin Towing, Belleville appears. The driver informs hubby that although the company honors AAA auto,it does not accept AAA RV. Go figure. We will have to pay. I ask my hubby, “Honey, why did we get this special towing insurance package then?”

rv tow truck side

rv tow truck back

The driver is a nice guy doing his job so I don’t blame him. We finally get to the towing yard; it’s inner city. Everyone left at 5:00 for the day. It is well after 6:00 by now so, obviously, no repair service is available until the morning. We are offered the option of towing us back home. Unacceptable of course. We call Country Inns and leave a message explaining our absence and say we will be in tomorrow.

We are living proof that the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. ?Further calls to AAA solves nothing. We spend more time on hold than a python can squeeze in all its lifetime.

The manager is super. It turns out he is going to the Glen himself this weekend. He tells us to plug our electic in and offers to connect us to the water. We call middle son who lives eleven miles away. Gem and he make a Welcome Wagon drop of snacks, subs, and cold drinks. We say our hellos and goodbyes as he has work early in the morning. Hubby and I count our blessings. We watch a video then turn in. Tomorrow will be a long one. The road ahead is many miles.

6 thoughts on “My Name Is Murphy

  1. Janet,

    This was the second major breakdown since November for us.  Another one and I told hubby that it retires.


  2. JDaniel4smom,

    I know abouot that as today was my day to deal with the companies who screwed up and can’t seem to fix things like Nextel/Sprint.



  3. Kafren,

    The employees we met were great–but the towing and repair bills weren’t.  Oh, well, it is only money….  Who said thatg?


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