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Once when we traveled across country, I made my husband stop at least once in each state to check out the major malls. I even planned a vacation once for St. Paul just so I could go to the Mall of the Americas. I do mostly window shopping there. That way I can see the full retail price of what is current and popular. However, unless it is a unique item, I avoid buying. There are better places for that.

I often purchase big ticket items at outlets and clearance centers, my favorite being JC Penney’s. You would not believe how many of them I have visited on the East Coast alone. I use the internet more and more to check out what manufacturers and distributors are red lining. It saves me time and bother bother for who has exactly what I need in stock.

Still my favorite way to shop is a trip to a good local outdoor flea market. Time, location, and traffic play in but if one plays it right, the things that come home were bought below cost. For example at the Aloha Bowl in Honolulu mu mus and other wearing apparel at less than the price of wholesale clothing. Naturally I bought several as souvenirs of our trip to Hawaii.

Yes, indeed, I love to shop.

15 thoughts on “My love for shopping

  1. Oh, I love shopping too. I haven’t been to a good mall in a while, but you got to have the extra money for that. One day I would like to go to Mall of America too!
    That would be awesome!

  2. I love flea markets too. I also love thrift shops and consignments. So much fun. I could shop all day and have a great time too!

  3. Barbara,

           Hubby travels a lot with his volunteer work so I usually chose when and if I want to go along.  Works for me.


  4. That’s so funny that you wanted to stop at a mall in each state! I’ve always wanted to go to the Mall of America, but can’t quite come up with a good reason to go halfway across the country for it.

  5. Dear Janet,

           I am shocked that you didn’t know her already.  I love her writing.  I love her more though.



  6. Dear John,

          I’ve worked for my whole life.  I did what I had to.  I never depended on anyone to pay my way or for my shopping if it was just for me.  Of course hubby works and shares the respponsibility in bill paying.  In any economy much less today’s bad one, cars, household expenses,, etc.  take two incomes to get by.



  7. Boy, we sure do know about women that have that LOVE for shopping… Wonder if there husbands get any attention when it doesn’t come to getting money out of them.

  8. Dear Ally,

          Welcome.  There used to be a lot of yard sales arouond here until the local municipalities started enforcing the getting of permits.  There are several within a 50 mile radius of the shore that I have gone to more than once.  Cowtown, Englishtown,  Columbus Auction, and Collingswood Auction were pretty good if you could walk a lot.  I can’t anymore.


  9. I’m hopping over from Val’s… I like how you mention flea markets. Now being on the West Coast there just are not that many. I spent 2 wonderful years in Wisconsin 1988-1990 and the flea markets and yard sales were awesome and abundant. Not sure if it’s a regional thing or not. I still have some very nice items that actually cost me 10 cents each (in Wisconsin). I tend to hang onto stuff.

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