My Love Affair

Christmas and Easter were different from other days because those were the two occasions each year that my parents took me to church. I thought new clothes was a prerequisite so the one Christmas I didn?t get any, I thought something was wrong. Looking back, I suppose things were tight economically then. It must have gotten better in the months that followed because that Easter my finery included a suit, shoes, hat, and real gardenia corsage. That is when my love affair with gardenias began.


I just love gardenias. I love their beauty. I love their fragrance. They truly are a luscious, creamy petaled, fragrant flower. Seeing them and smelling their scent brings me back to the happy innocent times of youth. I have actually scheduled vacations to tropical Florida more than once to see gardenias in bloom.

Hubby has bought me many, many plants over the years. Alas, my black thumb killed every one of them! Only one survived, if only briefly, was a silk (the florist had attached it to a budding evergreen). I discovered the trickery when I tried to sniff its usually lingering aroma. Oh, well….

Several years ago I was in California shopping at the mall. I love to window shop. It costs nothing right? Wrong this time unfortunately for hubby…. You see I wandered into a Chanel store, a Boutique Chanel store. I spotted a sample of Gardenia Perfume on the counter. I walked straight to it and picked it up. It was love at first sight. I just had to have that exclusive and expensive bottle. I disregarded the price tag.

Hubby had previously indulged me with gifts of Dana Classic Gardenia and Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia. They pale to the French import Chanel. I have a big basket of potions and lotions tried and rejected– Gardenia Forever Florals, Gardenia Vintage Flowers, Gardenia Perfumes of Hawaii, Bath & Body Works Gardenia, Sarah Michaels Gardenia, and Avon Sheer Essence Gardenia. I wear my Gardenia instead.

I have other perfumes on my shelf too–Tiffany, Opium, Phantom, Tabu, Celine. They are scents others chose for me. Years ago when I was in New Orleans, I even had a fragrance Bourbon French Especially for You custom made just for me. Not one of them has the magic and beauty of Chanel Gardenia.

I know there are many other gardenia perfumes on the market that other women love to hate and hate to love. They include Vintage Gardenia, Dana Heaven Scent Gardenia, Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion., Calypso Gardenia, Jovan Island Gardenia, Marc Jacobs Gardenia, and Roget & Gallet Gardenia. I would try every one of them if I could. I don?t pretend to be a perfume connoisseur. I will not just settle on something. I know what I like, THE BEST.

This is what the French perfumery says about this limited fragrance.:



FRAGRANCE NOTES – Gardenia, Tuberose, Vanilla, Orange blossom

scent strength: moderate

scent life: 1-5 hours

recommended use: romantic

recommended age: perfect for anyone

classification: flowery

A word of advice: Don?t to save pennies by buying this on line. This is definitely a must try for yourself purchase. The .50 ounce parfum retails at $199.19 and the 1.2 ounce eau de toilette lists at $95.00. That expense, perhaps too high for you, is worth it to me. It is a scent that lingers on after the moment. A little goes a long way.

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