My Introduction To Silver Star

silver star race team

I have been to the West Coast almost annually for the last twenty years. I love its weather. I love its attractions. I love its clothes.

If you are not a California native, you probably don’t realize that its fashions and styles are in the stores usually months before they arrive in the East. From the time the boys started school until they finished it, we shopped California malls, boutiques, local stores, and flea markets, Even now that ET is on his own, I order his surf tees from a specialty shop in Laguna. Trouble is he now has every item it currently sells and he wants clothes for Christmas so I am always open to exploring other options.

When someone suggested that I buy Silver Star, I doubted ET would like it. Then I looked at its online catalog. Silver Star stands apart from the chain stores one finds in every mall all across America, Styles are certainly not bland but they are not goth either. Designs are hot and reflect the times and tastes of today’s modern upscale young men and women.

When Luke Burnette established Silver Star Casting Company in 1995, he put both himself and his Orange County business on the map. People who are and people who wanna be wear it. His sportswear line includes MMA clothing, tees, hoodies, zip-up hoodies, thermals, and hats for men and women in sizes small to double X. Prices range from $25 to $84.

Take a look at Silver Star at This company is not a surf shop. It’s not bland either.

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