My Five Fashion Must Haves For Fall

This week TwitterMoms and Shop Smart Look Fab challenged members to answer the following question in celebration of the upcoming Shop Smart Look Fab mall event taking place at over 140 GGP malls nationwide from September 17-20

“What are your 5 fashion must haves for fall?”

Since I have dropped over forty pounds this year, all my clothes from last fall no longer fit. Lucky me! I used to wear mostly 22-24’s, but now I am in 14-16 tops and 18 bottoms (almost). With me still losing, I am purchasing strategically a few items at a time. When they literally fall off my body, I go out and buy a few things more.

I’ve been viewing a lot of Stacy London and What Not to Wear. It has been a big help in me putting together new wardrobe ideas. I have to go out soon since my summer wear is no longer working. My must list includes:

  1. new jeans that fit
  2. new bra sized for my changed cup and girth
  3. basic 2-piece suit that can be accessorized for business or evening wear
  4. dressy blouse or camisole for partytime
  5. at least one long sleeved knit top for any occasion

Check out the discussion and the must haves of other great bloggers over on Twittermoms.

What are your fashion must haves for fall?

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10 thoughts on “My Five Fashion Must Haves For Fall

  1. VJ,

    I agree on the trench but will wait it out until the big sales as I am still dropping off ppoundage.  No boots as I must wear orthopedics.  The other things sound really stylish.


  2. Wow! Congrats on the weight loss!

    I would recommend a nice classic trench, knee boots (brown and black), long-sleeved tunics, and circle scarf!

  3. Good for you on the weight loss! If you’re in the passing-through stage on clothes, you might want to consider going to a very up-scale consignment shop for plus-sizes. Many items have never been worn and still have the tags. When you don’t need that size anymore, you could always consign it!

  4. Julie,

    I thought about the shoes but wear orthopedics (*yuk but needed) and the bag but like leather (son #2 gets me a good one $$$$ every Christmas), and I opted out of a jacket because of the cost for a good one while I am still changing size–I have a couple that still work for now but maybe not by winter.


  5. First of all, Pat, congrats on your weight loss-that’s wonderful !

    1- new jacket

    2-new jean skirt

    3-new pair of fall shoes

    4-long sleeve casual top

    5-new purse

  6. I’m kind of in the same boat as you. I just had my fourth baby and am in the process of losing the weight. I need some new jeans that fit and some longer sleeved shirts that fit. I bought a few short sleeved ones, but in about a month or so it will be too cold to wear them.

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