My Black Friday Plan of Attack

This week Target asked Twitter Moms members what their Black Friday plan of attack was.

I hate shopping with the crowds. I loathe having to park miles away from the stores. Years ago I tried it once. Never again. The pushing, shoving, and sheer number of people aren’t worth the “bargain” prices for me. Besides the time I did Black Friday, I ended up exhausted and, to make things worse, someone else bought the exact same gift later and better.

My strategy is simple and straightforward. I look for unique items every year from December 26 on. I avoid things which can spoil like foods or become dated like clothes style. I center on adults NOT kids since kids have their wish lists and Santa gets some help from this grandma. Every month or so I make a great find. Last year it was Star Wars memorabilia for my collector oldest son and special wine from Epcot’s festival for friends and acquaintances.

Since the family is large, I budget for one person a month with two gifts (a little one to keep the receiver occupied and a big one that he or she will hopefully enjoy for a long time). I wait until a month or so before Christmas to take care of the little ones because that is when the stores start stocking the up.

My daughter-in-law is a regular Black Friday shopper so I have open the option of asking her to pick up something advertised–which I used last year for two big ticket items. However, many times the store sales are come-ons. Even if the price seems good, similar products are out there with the same or better quality. Why risk injury for an advertising gimmick?

What was your Black Friday plan of attack? Get in on the conversation over at Twitter Moms.

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