My approach to spring cleaning

My trip south only postponed the inevitable. Spring has sprung so it’s time once again for a thorough house cleaning. I timed this trip just right though. Hubby left at home got bored so he painted the den then laid a new area rug down. The rest of the job falls to me.

I approach things scientifically room by room top to bottom. I use my extension duster to clean the corners and the overhead lighting/ceiling fan. Nest I remove the curtains. In they go into the washing machine with some detergent and oxiclean. When they are done, they get hung damp back on their curtain rods (saves time ironing the wrinkles out), Next I gentle wash any throw pillows then put then into the clothes dryer with a sneaker – that keeps them from matting together) so they come out fluffy.

This time I could make a few shortcuts since the walls and ceiling were already done. The curtains were with the dirty clothes. The rug didn’t have to be steam-cleaned either. But before I started to roll up my sleeves and get into the cleaning bucket, I made a decision; it was time to rearrange the furniture. Hubby always resists this part and I never fathom why. I prevailed, still he claims the room looks smaller. I personally think the setup is more efficient. Furthermore with two toy boxes out of here, remnants of earlier years when I babysat my grandsons, I know he just didn’t want to have to rehang the wall trappings.

I still needed do the leather upholstery for the leather sofa and love seat. So out came the cleaner; next the conditioner; last the protector. I got rid of some chatchkis for a cleaner simpler look. I banished old DVD’s and CD’s to a storage cabinet. About then I accidentally disconnected some wires. Hubby fixed them. Boy was he a grouch!

Next I lemon-oiled the wood furniture. It shined. I dusted the the nick-knacks using some Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner. Room one down and a whole lot more to go. I pace myself like a vitamin, one-a-day. Sometimes I forget to take my medicine; sometimes I forget to clean a room…at least for the moment. Hubby never complains because he claims it’s more work for him.

The finishing touch was hubby bringing in the Dyson Animal and vacuuming. Lucky me. He originally promised to do that always if I bought a good upright and Dyson is the best. Naturally I took him at his word. Oh! Hubby has another project. My desk chair upholstery is worn so he is replacing the fabric. He really is a handy dandy man, the love of my life, and a true helpmate.

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