Metabolic Disorder PKU Affects Planning Meals

Having someone staying with us with PKU was something I had to factor in when shopping and preparing meals. ,That very long list of dietary no-no’s–no breast milk, meat, chicken, fish, nuts, cheese, legumes or dairy products–meant true vegetable meals supplemented by a optional serving of protein for everyone at the table. I just do not cook two meals.

Diet foods with aspartame, potatoes, bread, pasta, and corn were problems as well. Books, food sources, and recipes are big helps to guide menus for restricted diets because other nutritional needs still come into play. There are some foods manufactured without phenaletalyne but I can’t afford them, insurance companies will not cover them, and they are priced many times more than normal food on grocery store shelves One company sells one box of pasta (227 grams) for $8 plus change and then add in shipping. Man cannot eat by fettuccine alone so an expensive grocery list evolves.

Sometimes a nutritionist mails samples. These are appreciated and welcome for the times I want a quick meal available for the cook’s night out. Recently VITA BITE arrived at the house. It is manufactured by Vita Flo in Great Britain.

vitabite chocolate

Vita Bite certainly is not at all like any regular chocolate; it is more like buttercream icing. Its color is neither that of either dark chocolate nor milk chocolate. It looks like butterscotch. I was surprized when I bit into it. It was really good. A big bonus to any treat is its tasting like a treat and satisfying sugar cravings while still being nutritional. What good are totally empty calories?
Now this candy bar is not like the real chocolate bars made from cocoa beans. It is a substitute for people with a metabolic disorder who cannot tolerate phenaletalyne. It doesn’t have the heavy protein content that people with PKU cannot tolerate. It is rather sweet but not too sickly sweet. It does not have a bad aftertaste.

I think the best thing about Vita Bite is that it can be used as a dessert sauce, drizzled icing over a cake, or molded into holiday candy treats for kids to enjoy. I know as well as you do that all kids growing up want to eat the same things as their friends. This goes a long way to fulfilling that need.

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