Me A Travel Agent?

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Hubby and I have spent many years vacationing in Orlando. Although we had been there prior to 1985, we have vacationed there annually+ ever since. Our times there have always been memorable and most of them pleasant. We have seen a lot as we traveled to and from different places. Some people say I should become a travel agent because of my many Orlando vacations. No. I will pass on that for now as I enjoy my retirement and traveling too much.

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    1. Dear Nancy,

      I always enjoy your comments. I am sorry that I haven’t written that much on the personal level for the last few weeks. My gift guide for the holidays really kept me busy. Then it was preparing the house for the holidays and the big family gatherings. Once Christmas arrived, it was on a plane to Cali with my son to pick up his little girl for a few days. I have enjoyed having her and getting to know her. It breaks my heart to have to see her leave. I am thankful for the time I had with her. My son was very generous and almost everyone in the family got to know her. I really wanted to write sooner. Sorry.

      We had a northeastern before Christmas and a dusting yesterday. The weather has been cold. Hubby and my two youngest got me a new computer. It is great–lots less glitches and problems with a screen I can actually see. Now I just have to get a hang of the new OS. I’m planning to be in Orlando next month–hubby and LA have Daytona tickets; me, some R&R with my oldest hopefully and TLC for her youngest.

      I hope Santa was good to you and your holidays the best. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Sorry–really–that I did not keep in better touch.

  1. I bet you would be good at it…but might take the fun out of vacationing if it becomes “business”. I wish I could stow away and go with…am stuck in the white wonderland that is Ok for….about 5 minutes on Christmas morning as far as I am concerned. ha!

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