Marriott You Asked We Delivered Sweepstakes 2 – $100 Marriott TravelCard To 5 Winners

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At Marriott, we?re always looking for ways to serve our guests better. That?s why the new was developed through a two-way dialogue between Marriott and thousands of our customers. The results? Search front and center. Improved navigation. A more modern and elegant look and feel. And, of course, enhanced functionality overall.

It just goes to show that only good things can happen when a huge organization like ours takes the time to listen to our individual guests to find out how to better serve them. They helped us create something better. It?s also the reason why we?re calling our new campaign, ?You asked. We delivered.?

To celebrate the re-design and get the word out, we?re running a promotion that gives Here And There visitors a chance to win a $100 Marriott TravelCard. Entering is easy, just watch the video below and share your thoughts with Marriott in the comment section. On Tuesday, December 1st, Marriott will select five lucky winners at random from your comments.

Sweepstakes ends next Monday, 11:59:59 P.M. ET. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open only to legal residents of 50 US (incl. D.C., excluding Puerto Rico). See Sweepstakes Rules & Regulations for details.

To learn more about the new design and to enter for a chance to win one of three $250 Marriott TravelCards and the Grand Prize of a 7-night vacation (plus $1,500 for travel expenses) visit


This sweepstakes has been closed for entries and winners have been drawn and are being contacted. So be sure to check your email to see if you might be a winner! Once all winners have been verified, I will post the final results. Winners, I would love to hear about your travels and your stay with Marriott, so keep me posted! And if you didn?t win, don?t give up. Remember that Marriott is still giving away a Grand Prize 7-day vacation with spending money and three First Prize $250 TravelCards! Visit for additional details and your chance to win!

37 thoughts on “Marriott You Asked We Delivered Sweepstakes 2 – $100 Marriott TravelCard To 5 Winners

  1. I really don’t think the thought of a room for the night would influence me into marriage.
    Now being married I would love the idea of my husband coming up with the idea. It would be a beautiful get away at least for a night or two. I love staying at the Marriot and the rooms are really beautiful. Just show the rooms and the scenery and I’d be sold.

  2. The concept of the commercial was decent, but the ad wasn’t very effective. It had potential t be alot funnier, it just fell short. The pictures were GORGEOUS, that part was about the best of the ad. It was all very inviting (the pictures), and based on the pics alone I went and looked up your website out of curiosity.

    The hotel itself looks fabulous! The site was easy to navigate and looks appealing. Nice job on that – maybe work on the ad a bit .. ?

  3. At first I wasn’t sure about this video but when it switched to the beautiful pictures I thought well someone might be tempted by those images. I did inspire me to want to go to the website and see more.

  4. haha cute commercial! and I like the website. a vacation would be soo good right now with all of this stress. great giveaway!

  5. Marriott might really have delivered – the site has clean navigation & a flexible approach so that no matter how you like to search it’s right there & obvious. I like the search by destination & package options- and when it comes to hotel amenities I appreciate how the things that ARE available at the selected property are in black & the things that are not are greyed out- that seems definitive. You don’t have to wonder if it’s on some other list or not.

    I’m not looking for a honeymoon destination but I am planning a trip to Aruba- don’t know if the website will help him convince his girlfriend to marry him or not (he might be a little clingy!!!! lol) but it would definitely help him book a honeymoon lickety-split! 😀

  6. video is funny…the website looks cool…i hate haviong to search the site to find pictures of what the pool looks like etc…it looks like it is all easy to use on their site

  7. Boy, I’m dreaming of where I’d go if I were to win~the video was cute but the property photos at the end are what have me dreaming=)

  8. Packing my bags… oops I am already married – and he’s not available. I guess I will have to plan my own Marriott Trip…. to any one of those beautifully pictured places, or any destination with a Marriott to stay in! I enjoyed the video.

  9. Great looking website. We stayed at a Marriott for the days leading up to our wedding and our wedding night, and the people were FABULOUS – so friendly and accommodating!
    foolishfire at gmail dot com

  10. I love the beautiful pictures of the Marriott’s places just which they would have focued more on that than the guy. The photos were breath taking.

  11. The guy seems a bit obssessive, but its pretty funny. I would love for a guy who thought of me like that:)

  12. I think that the beginning of the commercial is really silly. Honestly what guy does that LOL But after he starts talking LOL great!!! I love it. can’t wait to get away and check out one of your resorts. Marriott always offers 1st class treatment.

  13. I watched the Mona Lisa ad recently and this one is in the same vein…sort of funny, sort of crazy. I think it definitely gets your attention.

  14. I do not really relate to it either, but I would love to win. 😉

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  15. THe best part of the video is the end where they feature pictures of what I am assuming are their properties. They make me want to pack my bags and rush off to one of the hotels for a vacay!

  16. I would go to the bathroom, refrigerator, or take care of something while this was running. it does not appeal to me. I do not believe what the ad agency is protraying. Also, it is not pertinent to me, my lifestyle, or that of my family.

  17. Interesting…I thought that it was going to be a little longer with the guy as I think it would have been funnier if it had being how obsessed he looked with his gf. They could have showed him daydreaming at a Marriott property with her. Seeing the pics makes me want a vacation now! Thanks!

  18. I think the commercial is too cute! The new website design looks great, too.

    We really like Marriott hotels, have had great experiences with customer service and stay!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    jamiejaws AT

  19. The pictures in the video were a definate paradise. The water looked crystal clear and the white sandy beaches were divine.
    It would be a priviledge to stay there.
    Marj M.

  20. I think it would be wonderful to be able to have a night away with my husband. it has been a long year and would be such a blessing to reward ourselves!

  21. I really love the new look! You’ve incorporated a “flip” type page that I can quickly access anything I could possibly need in booking a hotel! My favorite is probably the packages. I like to look for packages when I’m booking a hotel.

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