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Marketing For Kids

Disney markets loads of products in different local markets. Once you get out of Florida and California the products available are fewer. You pay for the name and picture. Kid appeal costs. Some of the products are great while others don’t pay. Generics meaning store brands have the same nutritional values. Stick to the lollipops and cookies. Their novelty effect is great. Disney still hasn’t figured out the country is in a deep recession.

2 thoughts on “Marketing For Kids

  1. Or is it that Disney knows people pander to their children, who demand products with their favorite characters? I personally love my children but just feel there are some things not worth the money. That’s one of the reasons I go to the grocery store without them.

    1. As much as I put on Disney, humans were given free will. They can choose. It is as easy as saying, “No.” This word will not traumatize anyone unless the word is so forgotten and unspoken that the person hearing it is spoiled stupidly silly.

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