Mark-Paul Gosselaar, A Child Star Grown into an Adult Example

markpaul gosselaar

I’ve become a great fan of the TNT series Raising the Bar and its star Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Just imagine how thrilled I was when I was offered the opportunity to interview him a week ago. I grabbed the chance. The man is intelligent, well-versed, articulate, and willing to verse his personal opinions. He is a private individual who doesn’t readily share the workings of his private life with the world.

“No Child’s Left Behind” was the subject of our dialogue. I couldn’t resist poising the question, “Did you take photos of your own children in the nude, and how do you feel about that as you got into the storyline?” Mark-Paul has two children, Michael and Ava and, yes, there were innocent photos of them in the tub and pool. He told about his shock reaction to the script. He said the story, although not a case in headlines, was based on a Boston case.

He told how he, his wife, and his children had vacationed recently and how at a public pool they decided a cabana was necessary so no photos be taken. The episode made him aware of a harm now apparent, ?not thought of before. That harm must be dealt with responsibly lest the perverted use things in a bad way.

Gosselaar mentioned how Raising the Bar tries to make a difference for the powerless. The show brings issues to the front without over-sensationalizing. It’s cases are normally not those in the headlines. Its focus isn’t prosecutorial; it’s defensive. He detailed how no actual photos were shown or fabricated for “No Child’s Left Behind”. A blurred one was utilized instead showing no hint of child indecency. The public sector needs to watch shows like this one so it is aware of the reality and inherant dangers that can arise out of the world wide web.

Advance tip to all fans:
Watch for the upcoming episode that has Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character Jerry Kellerman defending a seven month pregnant heroin addict who the court wants to keep in jail unconstitutionally.

2 thoughts on “Mark-Paul Gosselaar, A Child Star Grown into an Adult Example

  1. Rachel,

    He is a fantastic man who emerged from a child star to a teenage one to today’s tv one.  I give him credit for coming out of it sane and healthy.   Look at the record of most young stars.  It isn’t pretty and ends too often in controversy and tragedy.  The front pages today prove that.


  2. Wow – I can’t believe you got to interview Mark. I saw him on a episode of Jimmy Fallon and he just seems like a very neat guy. He still looks great after all these years 🙂

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