Luxtural Mystique Fountain Giveaway

Another great giveaway from the folks at KMR Communications.

luxtural mystique fountain

Mystique Fountain Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist by Luxtural

The first step in the Luxtural skin care regimen, the Mystique Fountain feels like a gentle mist of ocean water. A superb hydrator for any skin type, it tones, calms, cools and refreshes the skin while naturally protecting it from environmental damage. The Mystique Fountain is based upon Luxtural?s Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater, which allows for increased absorption and moisture retention. Mystique Fountain also contains Luxtural?s special exotic extract (SEE), a one-of-a-kind complex that adds additional moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Mystique Fountain can be used as a primer or enhancer for the other Luxtural products or any time of day as a refresher. Price: $78, 3.4 fl. oz.

Luxtural?, the newest player on the beauty block, is redefining luxury skin care by emphasizing not only safety and efficacy, but the quality of their natural luxury skin care products.

Luxtural: Hand-Picked by Nature for the 21st Century Beauty Connoisseur

The brand?s unique approach to skin care is a return to true luxury ? by combining the best aspects of the luxury, natural skin care and scientific industries; Luxtural achieves what no other skin care company can. Luxtural?s primary concern is a green approach to anti-aging. The powerful formulation contained in each of the three skin care products are clinically tested, hypoallergenic, free of parabens and synthetic fragrances, and are created using sustainable ingredients like Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater. According to the brand?s founder Pnina Vilinsky, ?real anti-aging starts with proper hydration,? therefore ingredients found in Luxtural are original collaborations and unique to the line.

Luxtural aims to appeal to a woman?s aesthetic preferences while still delivering high performance. ?Our customer has always been a woman who seeks the best in skin care,” says Pnina. “You don?t have to sacrifice luxury for effective and quality skin care products. Luxtural is truly the only one of its kind: a results-orientated skin care line emphasizing natural ingredients.?

Why Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater?

Luxtural?s products contain the pivotal ingredient: Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater, which is collected before it ever touches the ground, preventing it from containing additional minerals, contaminants or toxins that may be present in the soil.

According to Pnina, ?for thousands of years, rainwater has been used by ancient cultures for purification and holy rituals, many of which were frequently a symbol of new beginnings.? With this in mind, Luxtural chose Pure Pacific Ocean Rainwater as the foundation for their skin care line in lieu of typical filtered or low-grade water. Pnina notes, ?rain is the most natural and original ingredient that exists in nature, making it the perfect choice to be included in the Luxtural product line. After extensive research and testing, I chose the Northern Pacific Coastline, with its exceptionally clean air and ocean winds, as the source for our pure rainwater because of its soft, fresh and clean qualities.?


One winner will receive Luxtural Mystique Fountain, value $79.


To enter visit leave me a comment on this post telling me one memory involving rain.


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  1. My husband and I went camping when we first started dating and it rained almost the whole weekend.Even though we didn’t get to do everything else we wanted we did enjoy our days in the tent getting to know each other better.My husband even managed to make us calzones over the fire in the rain..light rain but still rain.

  2. I lived in Florida as a kid and we would play all the time. One day we were hot from playing and light shower came and cooled us off. I loved it because the sun was shining but it was raining and everything looked so pretty after the rain.

  3. I remember it was a warm summer day and it started to rain. I sat outside on the porch reading and enjoyed the cool relief the rain provided.

  4. I just turned 18 and I was living in London, one night I was walking home from the pub with a friend when it started to rain cats & dogs –we sought shelter under a store awning and huddled close for warmth… we soon found ourselves kissing and my friend became my boyfriend.

  5. IT was the raining the day I met my husband for the first time. We walked on the boardwalk in the rain and saw a rainbow which is a sign of new beginnings. I knew even then that he was the one

  6. I fell for my first love in the rain.
    We sat on a log over the C & O Canal in Georgetown (DC) and told each other our life stories. We didn’t notice when it began to rain. We could not pull ourselves away.

  7. Crossing the plains of Mexico with a thunderstorm following, reaching the coast and having the rain catch up.

  8. I remember this last summer one of many play days in the rain. My 9yr old daughter (tomboy) grabbed a towel, an umbrella, her little 2 yr old brother and our terrier and was out the door. I took pics and watched from the porch as she sent up a little make-shift shelter with the towel on the ground and then the huge rainbow umbrella laying on it’s side where it creates a half dome type shelter and the 3 of them sitting on the towel watching the rain fall together. Priceless. Then there was some puddle jumping and it all ended with my 9 yr old and 16 yr old daughter having the biggest mud fight and all their clothes going in the trash because I wasn’t going to attempt to clean the red-dirt from those clothes. There wasn’t a clean or dry spot on them, lol. Great memory…great I will always cherish.

    Thanks for making me take a minute to sit and reflect and smile while I re-lived that precious moment in my mind all over again and a smile spread across my face. 😀

  9. One memory I have involving rain was a day I was at work in August 1998. There was a brief storm with fierce winds and pounding rain. My coworkers and I had to go outside to bring merchandise in for protection. We laughed and splashed and jumped in puddles. It washed off my makeup completely and I remember thinking how the rain cleanses. It renewed my spirit and my friendships with others.

  10. A memory involving rain – friend and I had gone tubing and a mega storm rolled in.
    We got so drenched but had such a great time.

  11. When I had been dating my husband for about 6 months, we danced in the parking lot fo our apartment complex in the rain, to a song that was playing in our car. It was very romantic, and a few neighbors clapped for us!

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