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I was looking around for something to write about when I came upon this poem written by me in the 70’s. It was written when hubby of 31+ was still courting me. When I reread it I thought first about the heartache of love which inspired the words. Then I realized it could be about a survivor coping with the death of someone close. Last I thought about my children, all gone from the nest. When they entered adulthood their lives changed as did mine.

Too many people think memories are bad. Not me though. The good ones that revisit me bring with them the happy moments in time and the remembrances I cherish. The bad ones were learning experiences that helped teach me you. Each of us is the sum of all our experience. To change even one tiny detail would also change us.

I titled this obviously “My Heart is Breaking”. For the record it didn’t. Things worked out just fine.

My heart is breaking, breaking–
But broken hearts do mend.
Who thought when beginning
We’d b coming to an end?

The things we shared together,
Just as the life we planned,
All have vanished away;
Gone like children’s castles of sand.

The things we shared together,
Oh, I never will forget.
The tears, the smiles, the little talks,
How those memories linger yet.

My heart is breaking, breaking–
But broken hearts do mend.
I want the best for you.
Goodbye, God bless, my love send.

4 thoughts on “Life

  1. Hiya Honey!
    I love a Good love story!!! I just got back from 3 days.. celebrating MY 25th Anniversary! YOU have me beat! God Bless you and your Hubby!! I love that! This just warms my hear!!! I’m glad it had a happy ending!!! hahahah
    So sweet!!!!

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