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I was born right before the baby-boomers so you know that my hair is graying and starting to thin out. So is the growth in my eyebrows and eyelashes. Now I do not wear much cosmetics. Lots of reasons–skin problems, application time factor, products that look painted on, and naturally cost. High end, luxury products are never cheap.? So, when I received a tube of LashFood Natural Eyelash Conditioner for this review I was curious, cautious, and cynical.

I decided to to test out the product using my two eyes as subjects. On the right, I applied LashFood faithfully day and night for two weeks. On the left, I applied nothing. Throughout the time I cleansed my face as usual. I even showered right after applying the product to see what happens. Nothing did. My eyes did not burn from the water splashing over me. At times though, during my test I felt like a one eyed jack.

I spent some time looking at myself in the mirror before and after I began using LashFood. I have sensitive problem skin and found the promises hard to believe. But they are; I am a believer now.

I suffered no skin irritation or allergic reaction whatsoever during the trial. My eyes experienced no redness or swelling. LashFood, a non-prescription cosmetic, worked wonders as a hydrating conditioner. Applied like mascara, it really clung to the lashes. I found that my brow and lashes looked thick, dark, strong, and long just like the packaging promised. I think that they are much more even, polished, and shaped after using it for only two weeks.

I like my no more Groucho Marx bushy eyebrows more now. I love not worrying about mascara running down my cheeks (LashFood is colorless). I plan to continue to apply LashFood. This time though I will use it on my left eye as well. One .3 fluid ounce tube is enough for about five months use.

LashFood, a product of Jane Beauty, Inc., is a colorless liquid with no harsh chemicals. It contains biotin, arginine, and iris extract as well as natural herbs and extracts. LashFood can be found in some spas and salons or ordered online. Manufacturers suggested retail price is $129 with a sixty day money back guarantee.

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