It’s War – The Battle of the Bulge

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I start thinking about trying to lose weight again right after I gain back what I lost in my last diet. This has been my cycle of like since a couple of years after I had my daughter and before I had any of my sons. Please realize this. All of my children are now grown with all but one having kids.

Too many people aren’t honest enough with themselves. They explain that they have big bones. They say they don’t eat a lot. They put the blame on exercise. Let’s face it. Most of fat people are not overweight because of medical problems. To some it is a self prescribed medicine for unhappiness and depression. For some it is an addiction rooted in tedium and boredom. For the rest just maybe, like me, they like good food.

Extra pounds come easy. Crock french onion soup, a monte cristo sandwich, a side of cheese fries, then flourless chocolate cake washed down by Coca Cola Classic VERSUS chicken broth, chicken , a fresh garden salad, sugar-free jello served with plain and simple water–which is your menu of choice?

Dieting is hard especially if you are hungry. Just do your best, watch yourself, and weigh all options.

4 thoughts on “It’s War – The Battle of the Bulge

  1. To successfully diet everyone needs support not sabotage.  However, my theme was not about one’s actual attempt at dieting but rather personal mindset.  And for the record there are physicians and specialists out there not just the ones involved in bariatric surgery who believe there is a genetic predisposition to obesity.  For some they recognize the constant unsatisfied hunger that exists.

  2. I have always believed people can only do certain things for themselves, including quitting smoking and losing weight. I know you’ve tried for a long time and it always comes back. I know money is not your motivator because you’re smart enough to know that money can’t buy everything.

    1. Enablers and sabotagers hinder progress many times. What each of us do is complicated by the pulls from the world in which we live. In yhe case of dieting the taste of good food also is a temptation. It seems peculiar to me that people who drink and do drugs are considered glamorous (just look at modern heroes, the star actors, actresses, musicians, singers), yet people who are obese (something legal) are often ridiculed and poked fun at. Everyone needs support and self-essteem.

  3. Dieting will not work unless you want it to. My wife was in a diet competition last year, and won 1st place. Yes, money played a big part, but also my wife has the desire to want to loose weight. You need family that is willing to support you.

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