It’s True What They Say About The Difference Between Men And Boys

I was cleaning out my desk when I came upon my no longer teenage son’s wish list. Glad I didn’t know about it before I did my shopping. Every man in the family just loves electronics and high technology; this list really proved it.

Besides the 3G top of the line iphone, manchild had written down just a few iphone accessories. He must have stopped when he ran out of fingers and toes.

Applecare, Ultimate Ears super-fi 4 vi, new video gear, radio tuner, charging base, mini-speakers, dock, battery backup, power support crystal, cables, mount, screen protector, case or skin, earbuds, headset (bluetooth naturally not wired), stereo headset (obviously he has two heads)

Did he manage to miss anything? Wait while I turn the page.

car phone adaptor and car mount

Uh-oh, my son is hinting again. He doesn’t own a car. I wonder which would be cheaper everything on the list or an automobile. I’ll give him a gift certificate instead and let him learn about living costs.

Question: Do you know the difference between men and boys?
Answer: The price of their toys.

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