It’s Only Natural

I was born soon after America entered into WWII. My early years were lived in a world of tension. People used black out shades on their windows and painted the top of their cars’ headlights out so they would not be targets for the enemy possibly lurking offshore in submarines in the Atlantic. Meat, sugar, and other commodities including shoes were rationed. People did with what they had.

The ever constant move from the 40’s into this New Millennium with its more and more technology closed most of the portals to that world.

  • Gone–American made automobiles with two options only heat and AC radio; instead imports loaded with expensive gadgetry and safety features….
  • Gone–bottled pasteurized milk (first glass from the top tasted so so good cold); instead homogenized in a plastic container….
  • Gone–plethora of food “tins”; instead an ever expanding frozen food department including meat, poultry, fish, dairy, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, and on and on….
  • Gone–fountain pens and bottles of ink; thank goodness the ink remover left as much of a stain as the spilled ink….
  • Gone–winding alarm clocks with numbers on their faces; lucky people don’t use sun dials and sand hour glasses either….
  • Gone–the manual typewriters of old; replaced today by fast, efficient word-processing computers that can usually check spelling, punctuation, and grammar….
  • Gone- black-rotary dial telephone; replaced by small portable lightweight cells with features like TV, Internet, mp3, camera still and motion….
  • Gone clothes lines of freshly washed clothes too often dirtied by pollutants in the atmosphere; instead a dryer….
  • Gone–humongous, bulky non-energy efficient vacuum tube black and white televisions sans remote; instead flat screen home-theater systems….

Now how many of us would want any of those things back?

Living in today’s world of time-saving inventions I appreciate my fully automatic washing machine. I used to wring out baby diapers on my semi-automatic Maytag. I do not miss that at all. I love my commercial Rowena steam iron. I remember the chore of ironing with a press cloth the button down shirts. Ugh! Cotton may be natural but permapress is good if one must iron.

Big T never complained about mowing lawns when all that was in the garage was a push lawn mower. He just avoided the problem until I threatened to buy sheep. In this ever busy, ever changing modern society, every advancement has a price.

So just how do I get myself back to nature. They say that every giant step for mankind began in a baby step. Well, I am one of those small ones. I try to walk. I avoid most paper products (exceptions sanitary napkins and T. P.). I recycle. I refuse to have boiled water on tap by the sink. I prefer home cooking to convenience foods–healthier, more nutritious, better tasting, and cheaper except when I burn the meal. I have a needle and thread for mending seams and buttons that I actually use.

Hubby does his share as well. He replaced every light bulb in the house with more efficient long lasting fluorescent ones. Now if only he would use the light switches to turn them off! He installed ceiling fans in almost every room to help circulate the air and cut down on air-conditioning expenses. Every winter, he fires up the coal stove he installed downstairs to cut heating costs on our “Gold Medallion Total Electric Home”.

With all the technology everyone must be aware of the environment and make ecologically wise choices. In reminiscing I just thought of something more to do. I am going to get out my old drip coffee pot. I loved the smell of it brewing fresh coffee on the stove. It was nice to start the day. Maybe I’ll get out some of the toys of imagination, puzzles, games pre-batteries and share them with my family.

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This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network for a blog blast sponsored by Nature’s Source. Nature’s Source is the new line of biodegradable, plant based natural cleaning products from SC Johnson. Feel free to join in by sharing what steps you’ve taken to live more naturally or what you’re going to do to start trying to live more naturally.

3 thoughts on “It’s Only Natural

  1. Dear Selene,

          Hubby must be male menopausal.  He has been very touchy about my recent blogging efforts.  He denies  the things that make him a man and the man I really do love.  I’d marry him again.  Please write back a little about yourself.  I’d love to chat with you aghain.


  2. I am about your age so i can relate to everything you said, including the part about hubby’s inability to turn off lights. But we love them anyway……right??

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