Is Your Resume Up To Date?

help wanted sign

Seeking employment has changed much over the years. Fifty years ago it was more personal – there was no need for resumes. An applicant looked for places where help was wanted, went in, filled out an application, then waited to be contacted. Now I cringe at the thought of listing every detail in my background, education, and job history. Luckily I am retired and am not job hunting.

It isn’t senility that makes one forgets the inconsequential. The human memory remembers the best and the worst as it forgets in betweens. It is not that I have anything to be ashamed of; it’s forty years of continuous employment I would have to capsulize in chronological order. It’s a good idea to keep a resume and update it every year. It’s a great time saver and a good way to help take stock of yourself and your accomplishments. When is the last time you updated your resume?

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